Music for the Masses

Or, as the sign out front said after one of the bands got to it: Music for the Asses
Well, it was a show the band I’m in played at yesterday, and it got into the newspaper.
Well, Guess whose picture was in it?
Fuckin right, doggy. I just wish I remembered my FTP info so I could upload the picture that I scanned of the article D=

Music for the asses, by the asses, eh Steve? :wink:


Music for the Asses, impressive Steve!

Fuckin A.

Spiffy, I hope you had fun!

YAY, I got it working finally ^^
<a href=“”>Clicka :D</a>

Very nicely done Steve,congratulations.I’m guessing your the one with the red hair?

Obviously ^^;


Asses have ears and like music?

Jackasses do :open_mouth:

Hurrah, more crappy garage bands- just what the world needs.