music extracting help

I have used psmplay before to extract soundtracks from games. However, with the “Blaster Master Blasting Again” game, I have not been able to extract the music from the game and make it into an mp3 file.

THe XA file extension usually has the games soundtracks on them, but all the XA files have on them on the blaster master game is the voices in the dialogue.

WHen reading the cd of the game, the psmplay file reads most of it, but gives an error before getting all of the information I’m looking for.

Any idea of how this game stores music files or under what extension they might have them under? Any help in getting the soundtrack from this game would be great.

THere is an XA file which is 600 MB, but it only plays the first song for some reason. It can’t access the other songs after it. Anything I can do to get to the other music files?