Music Check

He speaks the truth. Next time you’re on irc get him to send you Illuminaughty. You wont regret it.

If you’re in a blink-182 mood, try Cauterize “Something Beautiful” or Far From Heroes “Raining Bullets” or “Start the Circus” also Alexisonfire “Pulmonary Archery” and “.44 Caliber love letter” are good.

Uh I’d recommend stuff, but you said you feel like listening to Blink 182, and the stuff I’d list would probably destroy anything they’ve done.

I do. :\

Some of my current favorite songs:

Broken Social Scene - Stars and Sons

Modest Mouse - Breakthrough

Guided by Voices - I am a Scientist

Pavement - Carrot Rope

Unicorns - Jellybones

If I recall, I’m the one who originally found all that Cowboy Bebop music.

Trance: No idea, don’t have anything in that direction. Same goes for punk. If you like the punk that goes into blink182 direcion though, you might want to try out songs by “Trapt”.
soft rock: lemme have a look there. Don’t really know what soft rock is, I always throw varaitions of a genre together because I think it’s stupid to differ there :stuck_out_tongue: I recommend songs by Courtney Love (yeah laugh, but really, it’s not that bad), Maroon 5, Incubus and partially Audioslave.
Gothic Metal: now there’s a subject I know more about.
Nightwish for the opera- kind of stuff. Stratovarius have some elements of rock in their music (the songs Nightfall and Dreamweaver kick ass). Theatre of tragedy, but take the old stuff, the new stuff is kind of pop- ish (but also good for chilling. If you want to listen to it in the backround, I recommend songs like Siren, Angelique, Venus, A rose for the dead, Lorelei or Gothic).
BlutEngel is a german gothic band who are more into the electrical direction, it’s a kind of gothic/trance. Songs recommended: Soul of Ice, Seelenschmerz, Der Spiegel. Their sound takes a while to get used to.
Also, try Within Temptation (but watch out, some of their songs are kinda sucky and it takes a while to get used to her high pitched voice). Recommendations for slower songs: Pearls of Light, Farewell, Bittersweet. Rock-ish stuff: Deceiver of fools (very high pitched o.o; but nice), Black Wings, Mother earth.
Hope that helped. :kissy:

And I originally leached it from you months ago! We make a great team, don’t we?

I’ll just recommend the album “Shadow Zone” by Static-X and be done with it.

Fuck yes, Shadow zone rocks. And so do Control it, The Only, Ostegoleric, So, … uh… just get the whole Shadow- Zone alum by Static-X :stuck_out_tongue: It’s metal thou. Kinda.

Placebo - Nancy Boy, Every Me Every You and Pure Morning
Red Hot Chilis - Road Trippin’
Tears for fears - Head Over Heels
The Cure - Boys don’t cry
Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes
Incubus - Megalomaniac
Breed 77 - La Ultima Hora
Bran Van 3000 - Drinking in LA
A Perfect Circle - The Hollow

Those are my favourites at the moment.

I don’t think Eva would like that. It’s numetal, pretty much. The only really good song is Shadow Zone itself.

Yeah I think you’re right. Everything else I’ll download when I get home. I’ve ehard of a few songs listed by the only ones I’m really familiar with and like are Within Temptation GROWOAR

Here’s a few you may or may not be interested in.

Living Sacrifice
Soul Embraced
Demon Hunter

X Japan - Tears, Forever Love, Endless Rain, Rose of Pain, Art of Life

I love their music. If you’ve never heard it, it’s definitely worth your time.


My name is William and i like to rub my weeeenerrrr

The Ballad Collection! :smiley: It was worth the $40 I spent on it at Kinokuniya… <.<

I would second the recommendation.

DAD - Laugh’n’a ½
Alice in Chains - Would
Skid Row -18 and life
Charon - Nightwing
Aphex twin - Come to daddy

Hope you like at least some if it. :slight_smile:

Well I’m gonna list almost all the cds i have and list them by genre in an unorderly fashion sorry.

Disco: Heatwave(group) Couple of songs i love
Disco: K.C. and the Sunshine band
Technoish and etc: Matrix Soundtrack
Ambient techno: Aphex Twin, i only have the selected Ambient works, though i know they do other genres of techno
Funky Jazz: Bob James, i’m mainly thinking of his album Three, and maybe albums made near that time.
soft pop(?): Fiona Apple
techno: Bjork
techno, rap: Blade soundtrack
r&b pop: Brandy, i only have her debut
pop rock(?): Cardigans
pop, slightly r&b: Mariah Carey i cant help but like a couple of songs ;_;
techno: Chemical Brothers
soft pop(?): Paula Cole, only have This Fire album
rock, pop: Cranberries
techno: Crystal Method, only have Vegas album
techno: Daft Punk
new age, celtic like: Clannad
new age: Deep Forest
soft pop, techno: Dido, uh well you like her anyway i know
80’s, weird pop rock: Duran Duran
techno: 808 state
new age: Enya
pop rock, slightly techo: Everything but the Girl
rock: Foo Fighters, only have Nothing To Lose and i do like that song everlong
new wave, pop, rock(?): Peter Gabriel
pop rock: Garbage, have the first album
techno rock: God lives Underwater
techno: Hackers soundtracks
techno: Mtv complications, i have Ibiza 2001
pop rock(?): Chris Issak, have Heart shaped world
pop, r&b like: Janet Jackson
techno pop: Kylie Minogue
pop rock: Jewel
pop rock: Lenny Kravitz
techno, ambient(?): Labyrinth soundtrack
reggae: Bob Marley
techno, trip-hop: Massive Attack
new age: Loreena McKennitt
soft rock: Sarah McLauglin(spelling?)
techno: Moby
new age: Pure Moods complications
techno, ambient(?): Red Planet soundtrack
rock, techno(?): Resident Evil soundtrack, i like the marylin manson score parts and the Depeche Mode doing a cover of Iggy Pop(?)'s Dirt.
techno, rock, metal like: Mortal Kombat soundtrack
techno: Orbital
pop rock/folk: Joan Osborne
mainstram industrial(?): nine inch nails
celtic rock little bit of techno: Ashley MacIssac, love Sleepy Maggie
pop rock, slightly techno: Seal, i have self titled
jazz fusion: Miles Davis, have Bitches Brew
pop rock(?): Smashing Pumpkins, i have best of , though will get more sometime
weird rock alternative(?): Soul Coughing, i have El Oso
mainstream industrial: Stabbing Westward
anime: Trigun soundtrack, only have spicy stewed soundtrack
techno: CSI soundtrack
techno, Detriot style(?): Other People Place
techno: Tomb Raider soundtrack
techno: Underworld
techno, pop rock: X-Files soundtrack
new age, native american: Sacred Spirit
techno, rock: Vast
techno: Fatboy Slim
80s: tears for Fears
new age: Cirque Du Soleil complications
funky(?): Jamiroquai
techno and such(?): 15 minutes soundtrack, great prodigy song
jazz: Sade
new age ambient: Hildegard von Bingen
disco: Donna Summer
pop rock: Beck
r&b pop: Toni Braxton
chinese/japanese(?) jazz: Hiroshima, i like their early stuff a lot more
Can’t go wrong with 80’s and new wave stuff, imo

Sorry my list isn’t really specific and too long. If you want some elaboration, ask when i’m not feeling lazy…I’m not much on telling the difference or definations of genres sorry, though if i say pop, i mostly mean mainstream. Sigh i should list songs that i would reccomend, ask me later or something. ::dekar!:: Oh and if you like classical, i could give you a few suggestions.

If people could give me suggestions of some more electronica i should try out, that would be great. My music tastes seem to be like Jack of all trades-esque though.

Lostprophets (emo-core before it even existed-happy music that sticks in your head)
Metallica - anything from their first 3 albums,


And as for Metallica, he just told you to get everything you should strive not to get :stuck_out_tongue: If you think you’d even like Metallica, get anything after and including “And Justice For All.” Anything before that isn’t worth the 30 seconds it takes to download it. I don’t think you’d like them in general though. They’re too Grararar for your taste.