Mural, mural on my wall...

I need some advice/ideas/input here…I’ve finally got a room where I’ll be able to paint the wall without making a landlord go ballistic…only thing is, now that I have such a room, I have no clue what I should paint. -_-;;;

Here’s the deal: there are two walls that are slanted with a narrow strip of flat ceiling, and VERY LOW ‘regular’ wallspace. (It’s a converted attic, BTW)

I’m kinda wanting to paint anime, but I dunno of what…and I also have this sorta idea of a Trompe L’Oeil of some minoan columns and a big-ass dragon sitting behind them. Then again, I could just paint some clouds with flowers n’ crap, but that’d be rather predicable…

Sooo…any suggestions? ^_^;


(Note: The pic is two Poleroid shots that I sorta stitched together…and yes, the puke-green carpeting is GONE.)

Hmm, I Think Maybe Wing Zero Custom Spreading It’s Wings Would Look Good…

I wiwsh I could suggest, something, Trill, but nuttin’ good comes to mind. All I keep thinking of is a mural I used to have on my wall when I was like 8.

Remember that mural that you see in the opening of BOF 3, yeah do that.

I think it’d be really cool if you could duplicate Van Goh’s Starry Night painting. Classy and awesome! But if that’s not your bag, paint what you love most. Heck, if you get bored of it, you just roll on a fresh coat and try something new! So that’s gotta be fun!

I have only one question: How much do you want for the carpet?

I think it would be cool to have a simple night sky, with all these stars and galaxies and crap like that. If you can get a little glow-in-the-dark paint, even better. :slight_smile:

i think it should be a moderately graphic vincent x cloud yaoi scene.

Something from Gundam Wing Endless Waltz, like Wing Zero Custom, sounds good to me.

:hmm:Tropical beach and ocean scene? around the light you could paint the sun and on the walls a beach with a palm tree coconuts, pretty shells, starfish and expanding past the beach would be the ocean and maybe a cool rolling wave or something. Could also have your carpet be like a light orange color like the sand. Or make something abstract with like the walls being mostly black and have dotted lines of pastel colors going everywhere; i guess that could go along with the night sky/ galaxy idea though. Maybe different colored flame motifs going around? Make a design of cloverleafs or something i dunno. Oh you could try some oriental design or paint the room to look like something out of the bathhouse in Spirited Away. Tribal designs? Or some multicolored horiziontal stripes along the middle of the wall.

Paint a replica of what you would see outside if the wall were not there (landscape, city skyline, whatever).

Of course, this would be very difficult to pull off and ultimately may not be pheasible…

…but man it would look SO cool.

For the love of God, do something about that carpet x_x

Originally posted by Trillian

(Note: The pic is two Poleroid shots that I sorta stitched together…and yes, the puke-green carpeting is GONE.)

Yeps, the yucky carpet is landfill fodder now…good riddance. XP

Hmmm…I did think about doing a basic city nightscape with a Starry Night sky…could paint the flat part of the walls black with the slanted part as the sky, and then paint the phases of the moon on the little strip of flat ceiling (the full moon phase being the space where the light fixture is.)

…but then again, I’m still not sure. :hmm:

You could do some Japanese art on the wall (not anime, I’m talking ancient paintings from like the 18th or 19th century or something). Or possibly a scene with whales or fantasy creatures.

…Or you could paint one thing at a time -whatever comes to you at the moment- and continue when the inspiration hits you again. Eventually, you’ll end up with a mural that reflects your creative process.

I like Wil’s Idea. Do that.

Huge ass tiger!

the problem with wil’s idea is that it will most likely make the landlord go nuts.

Hey, I think Sin’s trying to be a wise-guy today.
Keep up the good werk dood.