Multiple Images in 1?

Is there a way where if you placed a mouse over an image (mainly the game’s title image), it would cycle through a few images. Like I thought about how for my title image, if I put my mouse over it, it would cycle through the European and Japanese title designs also. Yeah, just wondering really…if it’s even possible?

In your image tag, you can insert onMouseover=this.src=“newURL” and onMouseout=this.src=“oldURL”

There is also some fancy Javascript to preload the extra images, but I can’t remember it off the top of my head. Google it. Just be sure not to steal code, as it’s a legal issue. And it’s actually recommended to stay away from Javascript, just for universality.

I’m pretty sure he means cycling through 3 images in total (American, Japanese, European), with the American one as the standard. There might be a delay function that you could put in with your onMouseover function, but I’m not an expert on JS. Googling it would probably give you the best results :confused:

h, and for reference when you’re googling, they’re called Rollover images.

The EU logos in game of MMBN4 I think are indentical to the US ones. The Box Art on the other hand is differnt. I’d would not bother trying it… For download times for Modem users may will more time… for a logo that they will usually miss…

I am the fan of the more simpler shrines…

You can use a Animated Gif to change between them if you like…

They’re actually different for this one… I can’t do too much but minor things at the moment, so I figured that would be a nice touch. Yeah, I’ll do some googling.

The animated gif sounds like a good idea, otherwise visitors won’t be able to see the other images unless they move the mouse over it. You usually only use mouseovers for links.

Hmm…never thought about that. I think I’ll do that instead.

Here’s the finished product:

And it only took me 3 hours to make. :thinking:

theOtherGuy, What software did you use to make your Gif? I need to do the same thing for some pages in the SRW4 shrine. Thanks in advance, Dyhalto This Page is our list you should try, I beleve there is some software you want. It is our essential collection, started by TD/Rhaka.

Well, I used… MS Paint/Adobe Photoshop 7.0/Adobe ImageReady.