Do any of you play MUDs? If so, which? Also, whats a good, free client to use? I played Kallisti MUD a little bit a few years ago. I’m thinking about getting back into them.

I usually use mushClient, it’s not free, but that’s nothing Astalavista can’t fix.

whats astalavista?

<a href = “”>Medievia</a> is probably the biggest one out there and with the most development and history.

I used to play Dead of Night every now and then. It’s pretty fun.

If I could find the time and one with much coolness and people to play with I would enjoy MUDing alot more again.


I play Achaea on and off.

what clients do you use?

I played one called Darkness Falls a long time ago. There’s a paid version that’s tons better called Darkness Falls: Crusade by mythic entertainment, so you can see what I’m talking about.

I wish the free one or something very similar would come back though… it closed down years ago.

Add .com.