MSNBC newswoman refuses to lead news w/ Hilton story

Showing what a fucking farce the whole thing has been.

Under the “Most Watched” Column, and the second one.

The other guys were assholes about it, and I respect her for not thinking it’s news. I agree; it isnt. It’s just fucking tabloid fodder. I guess the press as a whole is getting sick of it. Not the tabloid junkies, of course.

Haha, more power to her. :slight_smile:

I hope she isn’t fired over it. <<

I’ve been disturbed when I see both CNN and Fox News covering Paris Hilton as a lead story literally at the same time (they’re on opposite TVs at my gym).




As for the guys/producer they need to be sodomized.


Also, <3 Vicki’s avatar XD

If there’s a hell for journalists these guys are going there. What a pretentious, humorless bunch of crap. Good to know MSNBC feels that strongly PH is the news of the day. (Woo, free ad for Paris!)

Reminds me of a shortly-post-9/11 article in The Onion headlined “A shattered nation longs to care about stupid bullshit again.” Sure didn’t take long at all.

I really hope she and Akira Kurosawa ride the hobbyhorse in the afterlife. That’s all I have to say.

Unless she likes short films wink wink

Another thing that occurs to me: I like how refusal to cover stupid bullshit is also considered newsworthy. It then goes into a loop like this: maybe, considering that stupid bullshit is considered newsworthy, we need someone to point out that no it isn’t. But the fact that we need someone to point it out …

That woman deserves an award. Bravo, Mika.

It’s weird how the guys were so rude to her about it - and then at the end the one guy compares himself to her father? Weird dynamic.

I like what she did but I agree that it’s ironic that even non-coverage of non-news is treated as news.