MSN/Live messenger censors certain URLs


Essencially, don’t be surprised if MSN/Live messenger buddies don’t get your messages sometimes, especially youtube links, because they’ve increased the list of stuff filtered. Oh, and Microsoft launched their own video site, but those links will get through just fine.

Filtered messenging software sucks.

Ironically Google owns youtube and google played a role in MS not being able to buy Yahoo.

Which is why you should all use XMPP/Jabber! ( Couldn’t resist. )

It’s not the first time and it won’t be the first time they unblock it again and blame it on a bug or overzealous employee.

No fucking wonder MSN bitches around so often when you send messages with links in them. I suspect they blocked a lot more than youtube.

You can make msn bitch? YA victory for the internet.