MSIs = wtf

Ok…i downloaded a copy of Office Pro 2003, and i have no clue how to install it. The readme and setup is in some crazy language (swedish? finnish?) and i can’t read it. Apparently i need to take the files i got out of the download, and build them into an MSI. Until this afternoon, i didn’t even know MSIs exsisted, and i’ve had no experience with them, so needless to say i don’t know how to build one. The header on the Readme is MSI Builden Command Line, so i’m guessing i’ll be doing it through command line. Can any give me a walkthrough? I’ve pretty much just got a folder filled with a ton of cabs, and some xml docs. Maybe even just some pointers, and i’ll try to figure the rest out on my own. I already tried wikipedia/webopedia, and the official microsoft site, but i can’t find anything useful.


You’d need Visual Studio to build a MSI file. I’m sure there are other apps that can do it, but it’s the one I know and use.

However, I can’t help you with that because I’m assuming, since it’s a downloaded version, that there’s no license involved, right?

Just redownload it cough#rpgcIcanhookyouupcough.

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