Mr. Saturn, meet Mr. Sonic.

Holy shit!

WOW, that’s a lot of stuff! Holy crap!

Okay,now I’m impressed,that has to be one of the biggest sonic collections ever,I mean he even has a cardboard sign of Sonic Adventure 2,this guy has a Sonic Fetish or something I mean he even has the Mc Donalds Sonic toys.

Why’s there a random nightmare before christmas box in there? As well as all that anime in the corner.
False advertising!

Well Mr Saturn’s collection isn’t comprised of sonic teddies and televisions and other random stuff that can be seen! Therefore he wins, since his collection is all games and not various…stuff.

Why is my work firewall blocking that site as a Sex Site?

Are the Sonic toys having an orgy?

I’m not impressed. Saturn himself posted a link to a site filled with pictures of guys who made him look like a casual gamer.

Mine too… I’ll check it at home. Until then, check and see if it compares.

I think I saw a Tonberry inamongst the plushies. … and I saw those Action Figures at KB Toy Works (I was looking there for a possible job place, and, uh, decided I wanted to keep my dignity kplzthxbye).

The extreme Sega/Sonic theme of that collection makes it very impressive.

Very big Sonic Collection, even so I have a sinking feeling this person is into furry. Dunno why, but I have a hunch. And Saturn…damn that a lot of games in that link. Especially the house with the center stand in the middle with nothing but games inside!

Hey you finally made a topic that won’t be closed.

Holy shat.

Hey, you made a post that can be considered flame-baitish! Now my thread will most likely be closed!

Back on topic ahem, how did you find this? Does this guy have a website that he listed it on, or did you see it on another board or something? If this guy has an e-mail link, someone should suggest to him that he submit his pics to Digital Press.

Wow, that guy is obsessively obsessed.

Those people have too much money/time on there hands in order to build those collections

I should one day show my video-game collection. It’s smaller than Mr.Saturns, but bigger then Eva’s or 984’s.

I found it on a webcomic website; but due to the rule of not providing porn content or w/e, and due to the fact that in the archives, has like one comic with nudity, means I cannot give you guys the link.

No wonder my work firewall blocked that link as pr0n.

No, the website where I found this collection has pr0n on it. This site with the collecion has none.

<3 it. I used to adore Sonic. I even still play it from time to time on the old handheld Sega… oh yes oh yes.