MP3 Piracy/Music Industry Reports

Anybody know where I can find a copy of those statistics/whatnot about MP3s and sales losses to the music industry? I seem to recall there being at least two, one of which contradicted the other and said that the music industry was gaining sales. It’s for a paper I need to write, so… er, thankupo. ^^;

I was surfing through the planetsocksinteractive forum and skimmed through a thread about the RIAA…it’s very long, and it’s not the nicest of forums but I’ll post the link if anyone wants to read the thread (it’s quite vulgar :P)

The links supplied in the thread will probably help you better though and may be what you’re looking for

Yahoo news groups

This probably wont help much but maybe it’s a start…?I don’t believe it was specifically what you were looking for, but meh.