MP3 encoder?

Some time ago, I downloaded an MP3. This MP3 was a lot “quieter” than the norm, so to speak. I have to crank up my volume quite a bit to hear it at a decent level.

I downloaded the program “Goldwave”, which can edit it to make the file itself louder. It worked just fine, but it told me that I couldn’t save the changes unless I download an “MP3 encoder”.

I’m not sure what that is, but is there one that I can download for free? Else, an other means of altering this MP3?

I dunno how you’d ‘adjust the volume’ of the MP3, but a good all around MP3 encoder is <a href=“”>LAME</a> (link goes to CDex, a windows port).

I figured out how I can do THAT with Goldwave, I just need the encoder to save the changes, apparently. Downloading the file now.

EDIT: Huh, still won’t work. Still get a message that says “Encoder Cannot Be Found”. Ah well…nothin’ I can do, I guess.