Move Over One-Armed Bassist, We Have a New Contender For Awesomeness...
A blind guitarist!!! Man! Not only is his playing really good, but he’s playing the guitar with his hand over the neck, which isn’t the usual way one would play the guitar. I guess that’s the most comfortable for him.

Holy flying mushroom grainers!

That’s damn good. Better than a lot of guitarists who CAN see. And I like the way he plays it, it looks cool.
Ninja Edit: Is that an original song he’s playing? I swear I’ve heard it before.
Ninja Edit 2: Haha, I can’t stop playing this. That song fucking rocks.

I’m sorry, I don’t know what song he is playing. All I know is that it’s most likely a Japanese song, because it apparently sounds similar to a Japanese hard rock/metal style.

that’s really cool. I remember there was this one blind girl who played mallets that was uber awesome in some high school in my home town. She could do double mallets and the like. Made me feel rather bad since I knew I couldn’t compare.

Very nice.