Or, how Japan is planning to have robot guards, which may or may not combine into bigger ones.



Wow- really that many people in Japan are over sixty five? Does anybody know why, here? Are the younger people going overseas for better jobs or living or something?

They are all sent out in the world until they reach the holy age sixty five, when they are allowed home again.

First they build the walking ‘tank’, now they have robot guards.

It sure seems that Japan is basing their new invention on animes, doesn’t it?



The age issue is probably a mix of students studying abroad and massive pedophilia.

Yeah, there’s lots of old people in Japan. Their population is declining, and the young 'ens don’t make to have as many kids, so the amount of young people is going down.

Simply, in japan people have few kids and die hard. That’s why there are so many old people. In the west, people make more children and are less reluctant to die before 60.

BTW, this robots sucks, it’s got no guns & lasers to fight crime.

Neat, think they’ll rise up against us humans?

People just stopped having sex in Japan one day

Not until someone invents the positronic brain, and forgets to program The Three Laws into it.

Why does Japan get the cool things first?

I’m still waiting for my Protoss Dragoon, but this doesn’t look that bad. Will they come in sets of five and combine to create Devastator?

What’s next, a real version of Megaman? As long as they don’t make robots with machine guns coming out of their rears… ^^;;

That is also cool, as much so as your other thread. The only problem with robot guards, as has been said already, is a rebellion. But, that’s what the Megaman robot will be for, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Megaman is an odd occurance amoung robots. He doesn’t end up trying to destroy humanity.

next thing you know they will have robot fireman. And robot postmen, and they my as well make robots for every job there is, so we can start a riot, and kill all the robots. Ok, never mind the whole riot thing.

I like how people who neither live in or have been to japan are analyzing Japan’s population growth trends. Thats cool.