Mouse Resistant to Cancer

From UK. Bitches.

Are the mice able to work night shifts again without the fear of developing cancer?

Could be interesting. All this article says is that the world is a safer place for mice though. Needs more work.

What, you think cancer can beat a race of pan-dimensional hyperintelligent beings?

It’s interesting that as opposed to being an oncogene suppressor, it (I assume) generates a product or a cell signaling pathway that actively targets cancer cells, which means that it has a mode of distinguishing cancer cells from normal cells. This creates a lot of potential in drug synthesis. Of course, there are a lot of different types of cancers, so whatever is making it work will not work for all cancer cells, but it holds a lot of promise. Then again, it could be a publicity stunt caused by the media not knowing or pretending not to know what the researcher is talking about. Again :frowning:

You speak truth. However, let’s all play along with it and be happy. :ark:

As Klez said: “Again”.