Mouse problems...

Long story short, I probobly need a new mouse. My current one got damaged and while it still works, the scroll wheel is misaligned or something and doesnt scroll. However, the waranty is still valid, so THAT might not be a problem.

What the problem is, even before this happened, it occasionaly locks up. The mouse won’t move at all. Evberything else still works, but I can’t move the mouse. The problem fixes itself if I reboot. This started a few days ago.

I don’t think this problem is with the mouse itself. Does anyone know of any internal problems that may cause this? Someone suggested that my driver may be the problem…anyone know where I can download a new one? I have a Mitsuko optical mouse.

Thanks in advance for any and all help.

I believe under windows XP start menu you can go to ‘add remove programs’ and there should be driver options in that dialog. Im not sure though, as i dont use XP anymore.

If that is where the drivers are, try ‘rolling back drivers’. That’ll take it to the last settings that worked.

Sounds like it’s the drivers causing trouble.
Right click My Computer - Manage - Device Manager: You can reinstall the drivers from there. Try that.

Is it a Logitech?

It has the word “Mitsuko” on the back, so I assume it was a brand name. It came with my computer, and my computer was a gift.

According to the driver settings,m the driver is functioning normally. My current plan is to see if the replacement mouse solves the problem, but any other suggestions are still welcome.