Motoi Sakuraba fans, read on....

In case not everyone knows this, Motoi Sakuraba is one of the better VGM musicians (Shut up SG 8P) in Japan. He is responsible for great, epic scores like the Tales of Series, Star Ocean Series, Golden Sun Series and Valkyrie Profile among some… Anyways, Sakuraba-san seems to enjoy pleasing his fans as he usually releases arranged soundtracks of his already excellent OSTs…

Before he actually became a VGM musician, he was part of a progressive rock band called Déja Vu. He seemed to have had some success in those days… who would have thought… 8 years later, that he chose to do a live concert featuring his recent works : Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile. Yeah… he did that… just for his fans.

Get the scoop plus piccies here :

I’m really hoping they do a DVD recording of the concert, it would kick so much ass.

That’s that.

W000000t !!

Ishiwatari Daisuke + A.S.H. live = Godly.

Motoi Sakuraba + Déjà Vu live = Godly.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that :

Game Composer + Group live = Godly.