mother 3 wiki

Hey kids, what do you think of creating and contributing to a proto-shrine of RPGC, a mother 3 wiki? Are you guys up to it? Discuss.

also, before anyone says they don’t know how to do wiki stuff, let me just say a few things:

  1. I’m terrible TERRIBLE at doing any sort of ‘coding’ work like HTML, and I was able to make this:

So it’s not all that hard. And,

  1. If there are those who want to work on the wiki, I will be glad to give you guys information on how to do it, since I’ve just spent a month getting to know wiki coding very personally.

In short, don’t let your lack of experience in coding wiki hold you back! If you think you can provide good information on the game, that’s all that should matter.

I think it’s a good idea.

I can’t think of anything I could contribute, but hey, I’ll be rooting for it. :cool:

You contribute anything. A piece to the walkthrough. A piece of information on equipment. Locations. A spell description. STUFF!

Sounds like a good idea to me. I’d be willing to contribute, but I still need to beat the game first…(or at least get through most of it.)

Eh, I’m getting close to the end.

If I see something I can contribute, I’ll do it. At least I’ve messed with wikis before.

This community effort looks like a great positive change to the old format. I’d gladly contribute to this if I’ve even played Mother 3 (mind you it’s probably right up my alley in terms of weirdness).

Is this the only shrine up for working on or can we add other entries that can be collaborated on as well?
For example the Pokemon one is untouched on the site… Seeing as how that’s one of the few games I’ve played to death it may not be so hard for me to contribute to that.

I’m just now starting to play through it, but I’d be interested in making comments/suggestions throughout the entire shrine or whatever. I’d like to look around and just post about stuff and to help edit or something.

I can’t really think right now but yeah I’d like to help develop it!

You don’t fill in details when you’re done with the game, you do it as you go, unless you wanna play through multiple times.

I would be more than happy to contribute. I never had the HTML skills nor the attention span to contribute a full shrine, but this I can totally get behind. :smiley:

And I had been wanting to replay Mother 3 anyway. This gives me an excuse.

I would totally do this if I wanted to play Mother 3.

The only reason Mother 3 is getting attention is because it’s new. The truth is, you can work on any game you want. Anyone can! This is just a relatively easy way to get the community interested with working on a new game. By all means, if there’s anything you want to work on, don’t let us stop you!

Can someone just tell me like

How to get started, the hardest part

you can honestly just start writing. If you wanna figure out how to do something fancy, you can reference my shrine; however, most of my walkthroughs, for example, are just straight text.

I’d like to help with the Saga Frontier Wiki; how do I join?