Mother 3 Screenshots.

Awesome they kept the backgrounds. Did they turn Dalaam into a Casino?


Awesome, a ghost bar! :smiley:

You know what this means secondhandedly, right?..


I’ve always said that they should throw in Paula. >_>

Personally, I think Zelda and/or Peach fill any role Paula would.

Yeah, but in SSB?

Anyone see the new Mother 3 screenshots?

Something tells me that this might have something to do with what the story is about…

Also, for anyone that’s interested in trivial things…By looking at this screenshot:

If the names of those two characters are the correct names, then the main characters appear to be named “Flint” and “Pony” (it could be “Boney”, the first letter is hard to read…but I doubt it, that sounds stupid). A name like Pony makes me believe that one of your main party members is your doggy, which sounds cool!

Out of all those enemy sprites, maybe ONE of them didn’t give me a direct sense of “No loving God would ever let a thing like that ever exist.”

Edit: Posted April 1st? Is this a leftover prank, or are they real?

Whether it’s real or not, those enemies still make me wonder what their creator was smoking.

I love them!

On one hand, yeah, April 1st and all that.

On the other, this is Earthboundwe’re talking about.

Hammerhead kangaroos FTW!

The monstes are authentic, and can be found at <A HREF=“”>Itoi’s Site</A>.


Holy crap this game is fun. Is there any news about a US release?

Nope, sadly. After the lack of Mother 1+2 in the US, I don’t have my hopes up. :frowning:

Edit: Yay for Mother 1 & 2 music in Mother 3! (

According to Reid Young (the owner of Starmen.Net), he has a reliable source, and says to wait til E3 before giving up hope of a localization :slight_smile:

That said, a team of one professional translator (worked on 3 actual games he was paid for and a bunch of others for free) and 3-4 other people.

well, i’ll let the person leading the translation say it:

Oh god I’m gonna keep you guys updated as best as possible.
To all those concerned, the game is as awesome as earthbound was. The combat system is almost exactly the same, but has a music-based combo system.
I haven’t personally played a whole bunch, but what I have played has been horrendously awesome.

For those wanting a late-game spoiler:
(Main Boss’ name) But could really ruin it for you.Seems to be pokey from earthbound :slight_smile:

You mighta already figured this out, but in some of those screenshots there’s a brown dog following the party. That might be it

I’d rather not have my hopes up and be surprised than have my hopes up and be let down. Thus, no, I’m not expecting a US release.

Apparently theres a scene in which an arab character is running around with a towel on his head threatening to blow stuff up. I’m not that far in the game (chapter 3), so i can’t pass judgment, but alot of people are saying it would be hard to make the scene non-offensive to NA players, thus reducing the chances of an official translation :frowning:

Also, Steve, can you shoot me a PM with a link to the goon-project translation? I can’t find it on SA, thanks.

It’s not really a thread about it, it’s just the Mother 3 thread in games.

Sorry for the double post, but update translation news!

So basically, look for a translation in 1-2, or at the longest 3 months :slight_smile:

Okay, can someone clarify this for me? Earthbound = Mother 1? Or not?