Mother 3 Screenshots.

Quoting this for truth.

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Hmmm… about the claymation thing, wouldn’t that be a little impossible to do on a GBA? I’m sure you could do it, but I mean make it really consistant, smooth and polished.


I hope Ness is in it somewhere.

Is this the same thing as Earthbound 64?

EB64 was cancelled some time ago, and this is the project that took its place. Itoi (creator of Earthbound) has gone on record saying that this game is all together different than EB64, but some of the elements of the N64 game may exist in this one.

The problem isn’t so much that it’s simple, but that it’s an exact copy of the style of Earthbound. If they were going to make us wait for so long, they might as well have used the time to come up with a few new ideas. Of course, it’s too early to pass judgment on the game, so we should wait and see.

Yeah, I mean, how do you know they weren’t so busy with other “new ideas” they didn’t bother about the graphics?

Yeah, that’s why I said we should wait and see. Plus, maybe there are some new ideas in the visuals that aren’t shown in these particular screenshots.

I like the fact that they used the old graphics. D:


I don’t think most people played Mother for the graphics in the first place. So to me it doesnt really matter what it looks like.

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More screenshot-y goodness.