Mother 3 Screenshots.



I was wearing pants, but now I need new pants.

Let it come to America…let it come to America…let it come to America…

The main character has a pretty sharp hairstyle.

I knew I bought a GBA once for a reason.

That looks awesome. It really has the Earthbound look.

WOOT to the extreme.
wets self


Hmm, I was hoping for something with a little bit more detail, but it is refreshing to see the good old SNES Mother 2 style.


I was kind of hoping they’d gotten somewhere graphically since 1996, but I guess the EB fans will like it. 8p

Yes, yes we will. :smiley:

(and I fully agree with you about the lack of progress in the graphics… I was at least hoping for realistic looking claymation or something… >_>)

I think it’s kind of cool that they kept the graphical style; I love it when long running series maintain very similar styles (that might be why I’ve never minded when Capcom fighting games always reused old sprites :P).

In any case, my biggest questions now are

  1. Will the game ever be released here, and

  2. Will the dialogue have the same style? If the script isn’t similar to the first two games in style, then I have serious trouble imagining the game being good.

I think the reason why people don’t mind Capcom reusing old sprites and such is they recycle so much more then just sprites. Storylines, bosses, enemies, levels the lists go on and on.

I think my problem with the EB graphics being reused is because to me they just felt like so much space was wasted and that at times I could do better using MS Paint. All I know is they damned well better keep the psychedelic backgrounds used on the SNES.

You think? Okay, show me an example of something you could do better in MS Paint. :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like that simple dumbed down graphic style. I wish more games were like that.

Hopefully this game crawls its way over into north american soil and plants a big fun tree of earthbound goodness.

Mother 3 Screenshots give me an erection…

I’m definetly not disappointed by the graphics, although like Mr. Saturn I was also thinking they might go with a claymation look for this one. But it’s still great to have the old school Mother look anyways.

Has anyone heard the theme music avaliable on his site yet? I wonder what other “gifts” Itoi will be unveiling in the future.

If it does by chance come to North America I hope they do some kinda promotional give-away like the one they had for Dragon Quest 8. A Mr. Saturn or Master Belch keychain would look great sitting next to my King Slime. Although I doubt they’ll be using the same characters for this one. Even though I do recognize a few like the smiling lady from snes Mother so maybe they will have a few reoccuring ones.

Hmm … maybe a Mr. Saturn game controller! :smiley:

I’m so happy :bowser: