Most used people in Chrono Trigger

Who do you use most in Chrono Trigger. I usually use Chrono, Ayla and Marle.

Ayla, Robo, and Lucca. Or Magus. I dunno, whoever I felt like it and had Triple Techs. I liked the TTs that you had to get the stones for.

Crono, Ayla, and Frog. Their 3D Attack is very powerful, and Slurp Kiss is one of the most effective healing spells in the game, healing both a large amount of HP and clearing any status effects.

Crono, Magus, Lucca. To hell with triple techs or healing.

Crono, Robo and Magus

It pretty much depends on which part of the game I’m at. If I’m in an area where I tend to get hurt a lot, I’ll be sure to have Marle. If I’m in an area where I know there are enemies with a weakness to a certain element, I’ll be sure to have whoever it is that specializes in that element. If I’m in an area where physical attacks are more useful, I’ll bring Frog, Ayla, and Crono. Etc, etc.

Pretty much what this all breaks down to is, I use everyone pretty equally except for Robo. He’s slow, and Ayla’s buffer anyway.

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Crono, Frog and Ayla.

I use them all equally. I don’t really dislike any of the characters, and CT is the only game I do that in…

Magus, Ayla, AAAAAANNNDDDD… not lucca she sucks… not marle she sucks… I cant rememeber who I used… robo I guess

I cycle my characters a lot, but my favorate team is Crono, Marle and Lucca. Antipode3 = teh sex <3.

Though sometimes I like to substitute Magus for Crono.


I use them all. I used to shy away from using Marle and Lucca but Lucca’s like the most powerful magic user next to Magus. So I like using Lucca a lot, when she gets better weapons. I dislike using Robo during the later parts of the game till I have a chance to do some uber level and access to good armor that raises Magic Defence. Robo’s MD is shit, and like someone mentioned before, his speed is bad, which sucks when you’re tying to beat Rust Tyrano and Son of Sun and Mother Brain. But he’s powerful when paired with Ayla, so sometimes I force myself to use him. But I like Robo. I dont dislike any of the characters, which is rare for me. My most underused character is Crono cuz you can’t replace him for a good portion of the game, and I get tired of looking at him.

I used Crono Frog and Lucca >.>;;

That flaming frog double tech, oh seckz. Plus Lucca is GODDESS OF ALL. N’stuff.

I actually don’t know why I used Crono, he really blew.


You just answered your own question, Eden.

Everyone equally, but I beat Lavos with Crono, Marle, Frog (Marle+Frog = Full Heal). To hell with triple techs or attacking.

I usually use Chrono, Frog and Ayla for most of the game, but I swap Marle in for Ayla when it comes time for Lavos. Ice Sword 2 is fun.

For a large portion of the game I use Crono, Marle, and Lucca. I sometimes replace Lucca with Robo before doing the Heckran cave. Crono and Marle stay in action most of the time, because of Aura Whirl and the Ice Sword techs, and also because their powers tend to mix well like that - not to mention that I love pounding Nizbel and the like with Final Kick and Cube Toss. :stuck_out_tongue:
Ayla, Frog and Marle usually take care of the airship part, and then I replace one of them with Magus at least until the end of Death Peak.

TTs use too much MP. :confused:
Either Chrono, Marle, Lucca when I feel nostalic (hach, the three main heroes <3) or Chrono, Marle Ayla for a boss fight/ difficult tasks (two attack, one heals). Robo is too slow, Magus is… weird, Frog is dumb (;_;).

I dont remember. I think it was crono frog and marle