Most hated Dungeon?

You know, those places that just make you go “Ah SHIT, not this place again” or “Just how long is this thing anyway!?”. What dungeon do you dread seeing and why?

Mine would be Lower Levels of Moria Gallery in Tales of Phantasia. It’s freaking HUGE, repeats ALMOST EVERY SINGLE puzzle in the entire game and then some, the random enemies are ÜBER STRONG, the encounter rate is STUPIDLY HIGH, half of the entire place is covered in that GODDAMN GAS, half of what’s left is SO BLACK YOU CAN’T SEE BEYOND YOUR NOSE and once you get to the bottom you have to GO ALL THE WAY BACK UP.

Second and third places would be Tower of Lezard Valeth in Valyrie Profile (Seraphic Gate is a piece of cake) and then, for those who still remember, a little place I like to call Baya Malay in Phantasy Star I.

While I don’t remember its name, there was one dungeon in FF3j which was filled with monsters that would split in two upon any physical attack unless you had a Paladin on your team, he was the only one who could kill these creeps. Plus, they weren’t affected by magic much… Oh, oh, oh… here’s the best part… you had to spend HOURS finding your way into this dungeon as you had no set paths to follow, you had to go through secret walkways in walls o.o Sometimes they led you out, and in other times, in worse trouble.

I never finished ToP because of that dungeon. :\

Hello Diablo 2 Act 3 how are you today. >:E

I can’t believe I forgot about Kurast. And there’s also the Curst-Sigil travel in Planescape Torment, they should have made a “kiss the ground” option for when you finally get back home and can take three steps without engaging some higher-level demon.

I didn’t have much of a problem with it, but for those people who can’t time jumps very well, Xenogears’ Tower of Babel is sure to annoy.

That stupid revolving ledge in Mogu’s dream and Obelisk. Guh. Talk about sickness.

edit: oh…well that’s my most hated PART of a dungeon. I just messed up the flow of the thread.

The Endless Cave, or whatever it is called, in Lufia: Rise of the Sinistrals. You have to spend hours in there, you get no items, you start from LV 1, and you cannot save anywhere until you leave.

If you die, you have to start ALL OVER AGAIN. If you leave, you have to start ALL OVER AGAIN.

Via Infinito from FFX-2. That thing is sooooo boring and soooooooo long and the enemies get to be soooooo hard and I HATE THAT STUPID CHAC HISS DIE >E How does <i>anyone</i> get 100% in one playthrough? HOW?! ARLSDKFJLSDKJFL.

I remember the spinning one from BoF, but wasn’t that in Spire? BoF has a lot of nasty dungeons. I think the nastiest is the one in Mogu’s dream where the walls go away after stepping on a certain tile.

I can’t remember what Spire is. But the spinnies were in two dungeons, and I know for sure that one is in obelisk.

I didn’t like the tile things as well. Didn’t that return in BoF 2 in the old tree’s dream with Spar? uuugh.

Spire was part of the last series of dungeons. It was the big tower up north that lead to Obelisk’s activation device.

No, the Great Tree had the “Can’t see further than two feet from you” trick that I mentioned earlier. I can’t begin to explain what a pain in the ass that is.

My least favorite BoF dungeon has to be Infinity. That place goes on FOREVER and the encounter rate doesn’t help. Thank God for Nina’s Banish.

i hate those dungeons on the .hack game series. some would never end, and there were so many monsters and creatures that u needed to pack a million potions.

Ah I knew it came back in one form or another. Damn dreams.

And I didn’t know that place was named Spire. digs out your old Bof explanation

Ain’t there, I just explained that as “Stuff happens”. I’m not sure how it went, but I think the activation device was in Spire, which was fixed when the Keys were used on Aqua (Name might be wrong. The big floating thingy on top of the lake). I think you had to go trough Aqua to get to Spire and stop Jade, which of course you fail to do and Obelisk is revived.

Spire was the two towers combined, right?No spinnies there

Yeah, it was broken at first (You could find a Boomerang behind them) and got fixed when the Keys were used on Aqua.

<img src=“”> Probably going to have to say the “Dream Dungeons” from Breath of Fire 1. There are two of them, which Eva and Serapheim mention eariler. You know, with either the vanishing walls or the annoying spinning room of death. And while not hard, I do hate the cave in Pokemon Blue/Red/Yellow (remake included) where you must use flash every floor to get around. It annoying, as every fight is with a Zuubat that you capture way back in Mt. Moon. Always good to get out of that horrible place.

It’s better than Victory Road (The cave that lead to the Pokémon League), at least in the Dark Cave you don’t have to travel back and forth pushing rocks for like an hour.

The FINAL dungeon on .hack//QUARANTINE

the one with mia