Most favorite/hated parts in ffVIII

What are your most favorite/hated parts in ffVIII?

My favorite part is when you have to do the mission to get the ragnorock and ultimecias mansion.

My most hated part is when your in the desert prison. It’s not hard, just lengthy and boring.

My hated part was everything after the opening credits. My favorite part was the ending credits.

My favorite part was in the beginning, when Squall and co. were working for Balamb Garden. That should have been the whole game. My least favorite part was near the end when the plot fell apart - which happens in all FF games.

I have to agree that the desert prison is the most stultifyingly boring part of the game. After finishing the game once, I’ve already gotten up to there twice and simply gave up.

I liked the first part of the game too, but that seems to happen quite often in games (they keep the best stuff for the beginning, to draw you in, and then they just coast).

I hated how I got bored of playing the game before I’d even played it for more than two hours.

And the magic system. And the equipment system. And the summon system. Need I go on?

Best part: using Lionheart for the first time
Worst part: pretty much the rest of the game

Best part: Squall and co. MST3King Laguna’s antics. Second place goes to the Ragnarok scene.

Worst part “Hey, we were all together as kids! Even though there was absolutely no indication, foreshadowing, logical explanation or anything that might have led up to this revelation! It’s true, this came straight out of the writers’ ass!”

Second place goes to TIME KOMPRESSION.

I don’t like the gradual debilitation of the story. I see three parts in it: The first cd was really tight, up to Balamb blocking Galbadia’s missiles it was still engaging and after that yawn. Ultimecia, orphanage, I cast you out!

I liked Laguna (ha!) as it was funny battling a dragon with an M16 and he was character-wise more plausible than the “attitude” of Squall.

I appreciate Square trying new things (Mercenary system~money, XP; the Junction system intended to counter the summons) but ultimately many of them failed (the last GFs came too late in the game and the most effective system was actually Ultima farming and avoiding battles to keep the enemies on low level. Substituting spell grinding for XP grinding didn’t do much).

I think what FFVIII really needed was an editor :stuck_out_tongue:

im actually playing this game for the very first time and the only thing i find interesting about it is the story. the plot is very predictable tho i.e. they were all orphans, that one chick was rinoas mom, and that quistis doesnt get laid, etc.

i however, hate the summoning and weapons system. by nature im one of those players that uses fight alot because thats how i roll but the summons are just so powerful so why bother. oh well w/e.

and i do agree with cid that most rpgs in general do fall apart and that final fantasies are especially prone to that but i think FF6 did a pretty good job on keeping everything together for the most part.

Fave: Lagua and co. until they meet up with Squall and co. He must radiate Sad Ass.
Hate: "Lets make characters horribily weak, take their MP, and take their equipment. Now to compensate let’s make Magic like items, that can also double as equipment, give Summons Charge time, HP, and progresively longer totally unskippible cutscenes, and all characters must now have Limit Breaks which range from the one good one to either too weak to be effective, too random to be reliable, or too rare and expensive to be worth it.

I fogot one thing:


Favorite Part: The scene with Squall and Rinoa on the Ragnarok.

Worst Part: The drawing system.

Really, in my opinion, FF8 was a great game, with a great system–junctioning was new, innovative, and effective. Unfortunately, drawing any effective amount of a spell just took WAY too long.

“Face my wrath for seeking thy sealed power”. This manages to be the cheesiest sentence I’ve seen in a rpg. wtf?

In the long term it’s faster drawing 100 mega-spells which cause a junction damage of ~3000hp IIRC than sitting through the damn GF sequences again and again. By now, I’m pretty sure the GFs in FFVIII is a latent message to the player to go find a GirlFriend while the summon plays out. Did I mention drawing is boring?

My thoughts exactly.

Best part: Squall getting his face cut in the beginning.

Worst part: Everything else.

Actually I liked the dance scene; it was an amazing cg for its time. I want the FFVIII Cold Cast, but it is damn near impossible:

I liked Triple Triad too, and the music was great. I really should give the game another chance. I disliked 7 because it wasn’t 6, and hated 8 because it was even less similar to 6.

Favorite part was realizing I could quit the game and the end the agony, least favorite part was pretty much everything else except the beach landing sequence.

Fave parts.
Teaching Squall some manners in the opening scene, slicing Odin in half like a peeled banana, kidnapping Rinoa.

Squaresoft execs telling me to take a dive in the second Squall fight, I had no choice in the matter – comply or be written out of the script. Taking a dive again, vs. Squall and his dogs on disk 3. Getting stiffed by Squaresoft after all.
And who is that fucker pretending to be me in Kingdom Hearts?

I liked the first part of the game too, but that seems to happen quite often in games (they keep the best stuff for the beginning, to draw you in, and then they just coast).

Yeah, that’s totally true. In FF7, my favorite part is when Cloud and co. are in Midgar bombing Shinra plants, and that seems to be a common sentiment amongst FF7 fans. Its ironic, cause most FF games seem to fall apart near the end. Too many subquests or something.

Originally Posted by Curtis
Its ironic, cause most FF games seem to fall apart near the end. Too many subquests or something.

Actually the most likely reason is that there is no point to continue at the end. Or in other words the FF series have for the most part lacked climaxes. By the time you reach the end of a game three things will happen first enemies will give massive rewards, second sidequests, and third the narative will change focus from character development to resolving the confict at hand. One of the FF series greatest strengh lies within the ability to customize your characters. Unfortunately this also serves as it’s greatest weakness due to a desire to obtain all of these upgrades as a completist. I’m going to stop there and move on to the third point due to the fact that most of the readers reading this already know what I’m talking about.

Normally a FF game focuses on character development set against the backdrop of a steadly intensifing conflict. And typically near the end of the game the main character(s) resolve his/there inner conflicts discovering the power of Love, Hope, and Christ. After a while this gets really old (usually really fast too). This happens alot in both anime and JRPGs the difference being that in JRPGs (inculding various FFs) there are sidequests for your characters to overpower in. This treats the final conflict as nothing more than a means to an end and reduces the sense of victory into a cue to go right back to the local game store and trade in this game for the next one.

And now you know my reasons for not actually beating games like FF10, Xenogears, and Tales of Symphonia.

Favorite: The waltz scene. I love waltzes.

Least favorite: Having to re-junction all the time. Geez.

Fave: Scriptwise, up until fought Edea.

Not fave: GF junction system limited customizing through requiring compatibility with a character. Eventually at higher levels it doens’t matter, but at that point in the game you don’t need them.

Selphie’s Ultimate: I don’t know if it was just my version (PC) but The End did nothing to my enemies. Just ended up being a cut scene within a fight.

Weapon System: What was the point of having a library when the only useful books are magazines in random parts of the world?