Most entertaining forum.

We all post here, but which do you find to be the most entertaining?
I like the main forum (although a lot of posts are just a few words followed by a link nowadays, which kinda turns me off) and pc gaming forums respectively, the homework board is nice for some discusions about stuff i don’t understand all that well.

Your momma!

Rendevouz. Nothing like a forum that hasn’t seen a new post in so long we can’t remember. :thud:
I probably shouldn’t make fun of it though; I’ve read the story and it’s good.

Anyway, Media forum. Especially when a whole bunch of stories get updated at once. Main would be my second choice. The FF Forum is good, but there’s only so many times you can debate which one is the best, although we have had a bit more action than usually recently.

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I had to say Polling… but only cause I like taking quizzes and voting in polls a little too much… anywho, I’d say anime after that, and then the main forum.

I like the forum where we all talk about porn nonstop.

Like Eva, I prefer the staff forums.

I’d have to say the free rp forum since that’s about the only place I go to regularly. I only stop in the other forums like this one occassionally.
goes back into the rp forum