Most Dorktastic, Indeed

Webcomics themed drinking.


I’ll still drink the Something Positive one.

I’d drink the Fighterdoken, just to see what it would be like.

[edit]the Perry Bible Fellowship looks good too.[/edit]

For those of you who can’t drink, the Kiki on the Rocks (in Sluggy Freelance) sounds like it might kill you. Err… I mean… it might be enjoyable!

I think I just found my new morning coffee.

Quite funny. I may adopt the motto “Hey, I’m just drinking!”.

At last we learn what a HP Potion is made of. I knew it’d have vodka

sigh Mog would have loved this.

The Megatokyo Tea sounds like it’s refreshing while going down and gives you a Largo-sized hangover in the morning.

The Girl Genius Sparkbuzz is my new morning coffee.

I’d love to see the end result of someone mixing a Hobocore. That sounds like it’d get you good and hammered in no time.

Hobocore > >

It should have a Link’s Fairy. Link is green in the beginning, so ya get what it’d be like. I should begin a crappy webcomic and add this.