Most Common used character in each SaGa.

I’ve only played SaGa 1 and SaGa 3, which I am happy to say that I own, and:

SaGa 1: Human
SaGa 3: Curtis and the others O_O

They’re really good games. :slight_smile: :cool:

Romancing SaGa: I usually use Albert as my main, but I’m becoming very fond of Claudia and Aishia as of late. Claudia because of the whole Bafal Empire Royalty back story, plus I like her personality (strong-willed). Aishia is quite the opposite, but endearing anyway :slight_smile:

Romancing SaGa 2: The Last Emperor. He/She has no default name, so I usually call him/her Hero because I’m boring like that.

Romancing SaGa 3: Either Ellen Carson or Katarina Lauran, though, if I had to choose, I’d probably go with Katarina.

SaGa Frontier: Asellus. She is probably one of my favorite SaGa characters ever, so she is an easy choice :slight_smile:

SaGa Frontier 2: I really like Ginny Knights. Easily my favorite character in SaGa Frontier 2.

SaGa Frontier: Gen and Lute, use them every game. Blue and Aselus are the best, though.
Other then that I can’t really say, I haven’t played them, except SaGa 3 (that was Final Fantasy Legends 3, right?:hmm: ) In that, hmm thats a toughie. Oh wait, I know, the only four people you ever get.


SaGa 1 - N/A
SaGa 2- male mutant, female human, mech, monster
SaGa 3- umm… yeah
RS1-3- N/A, though from what i’ve heard of RS3, I’ll like Zo, Robin, Boston and Black
SaGa Frontier - Gen, Silence and Mesarthim. Favorite main is Asellus
SaGa Frontier 2 - favorite character is Cordelia, but in the end game, i end up using Primera, Meythia, Ginny and Gustaf most.
USaGa - as you can only get each character (but one) in two quests, that’s hard. Favorite characters to use so far are Ruby, Sapphire and Anzan, though.

SaGa : Male Human (back then, [u]I[/u] was the hero!
SaGa 2 : Male Human. Same reason.
SaGa 3 : They’re all kinda forced :expressionless:
Romancing SaGa 3 : I guess Nora. ‘Endowed’ women are my fav. I tend to theme my parties, like for Mikhail, he was with the other leaders. Undine, Yan Fan, Leonid, and Tiberius.
SaGa Frontier 1 : Mei Ling
SaGa Frontier 2 : Virginia Knights. With only 12 LP and ~225 HP, she really needs the levelling.

Every character is seen in two scenarios. In Ruby’s case, she’s in her own and Ventus’.

Saga1+2 male mutant
Saga 3 curtis was my favorite
Saga Frontier I used emelia in every quest and Rouge in every one he could be used in. My favorite character was a tie between Asellus and Rouge. Asellus quest was so sad. I wish I knew what happened in the other endings though. I got the human :bowser:

Yeah after I got the game. I was able to find out that almost every character was in two scenarios. Actually Iskandar is only playable in Ruby’s quest.

Even among SaGa enthusiasts on the net, it seems me and Khajit Rankin are the only ones who are really into RS2. In that game I use the Free Fighters to death because they’re IMO the best of the “generic” soldiers. Once I understood more of the game, I really started to like the Molemen.

RS3 depends on whether you mean use in the most final parties of all my files or the most total playtime. The former I’d actually have to count up whether it’s Julian or Robin. Julian because I always use him in Ellen’s and Monica’s scenarios (and of course his). I’m considering redoing Monica’s game WITHOUT him. He’s much better if you can play with his stats as main. The latter option would definitely be Nora, as I use her for “filler” almost every time while waiting for certain characters.

SaGa Frontier I use Emelia to death and it’s often hard not to use her because I get so used to it. The others I tend to shuffle around a lot but I do tend to end up using Fuse or Gen more than the others.

SF2 You don’t really have a choice but I like Cordelia, Ginny, and Raymond the best.

The others I don’t have enough experience with. RS1 is too hard to play in Japanese though I’ve tried. Gameboy SaGa 1 & 2 I stopped playing because it takes so damn long to level up in those games, especially in 2 where you spend 20 minutes per point of Agility and you need to gain like 30 per world. Gameboy 3 I played for like 5 minutes on a friend’s copy before getting bored. Unlimited I rented over a weekend (this last actually) and though it looked ok it just failed to grab my attention.

St. Ajora changed her avatar again. Now it looks like Asellus. St. Ajora, your avy get’s more attention then anyone else’s.

It’s Farah! The name of my avatar is Farah. And if RS2 ever gets a full English patch, I’ll seriously consider playing it then.

It looked like Asellus with the green hair and the pink outfit.

SaGa: Female Mutant

SaGa 2: Female Mutant

Saga 3: Like there is any choice :stuck_out_tongue:

Romancing SaGa 2: If class then… Um… Holy Order M. Otherwise… Cat :wink:

Romancing SaGa 3: Thomas, followed by Sharl

FFL 1, 2, 3, RS 1 & 2: Haven’t played 'em yet. Hope I can find 'em

RS 3: Julian, Robin and the blacksmith chick, so far.

Saga Frontier 1: Easily Red and Asellus as main characters. Just too much support characters are included between my favorites, but Liza tops 'em all (even without DSC, she’s just too tough a cookie for foes)

Saga Frontier 2: Since the game’s characters are everchanging, this one’s tough. I like Gustave, Primiera, Tyler and Johan (cool character, too little uses)

USaga: Despite the very little time I played it, Kurt clearly stands out as a favorite. Mordeus is one of my fave support characters, as well as Josef. I’ll have to wait to determine clear favorites, though I’ve heard of a certain Anzan character…