Most Common used character in each SaGa.

SaGa: Female Mutant

SaGa 2: Female Mutant

SaGa 3: Uh the first three mains as they never leave and Sharon joins one battle later?

Romancing SaGa: I’ll wager it would be Aisha or Mariam for me. But not sure yet.

Romancing SaGa 2: NA

Romancing SaGa 3: Yes as many guessed Tatyana. Fairy and Undine are close too.

SaGa Frontier: I have to go with Annie and Cotton.

SaGa Frontier 2: Meythia, Ginny, Primeria and Gustaf as I stick with the final party for most of the leveling up. And I use them the most.


Female Mutant
Female Mutant
Haven’t played
Haven’t played
Can’t play it

And that’s them for every SaGa game I’ve played.

Male Mutant
Haven’t Played Yet
Haven’t Played Yet
Haven’t Played Yet
Haven’t Played Yet
Look Up
Look Up Again

Unless I things change, I’ll want to use Ruby as much as possible. But who knows how many people can get her besides uh Ruby. This is for Unlimited SaGa of course.


FFL and FFL2: I like Mutants
Romancing Saga 3: Monica
SaGa Frontier: Emelia
SaGa Frontier 2: Primiera (I use her for like every duel)
Unlimited SaGa: I haven’t played yet but I want it to be Ruby.

FFL1&2: Human Male
FFL3: Go Curtis, woo.
RS3: Mikhail and Harid - I always have them together. They’re such a great team in my opinion.
SaGa Frontier: Lute
SaGa Frontier 2: Gustave and Gustaf
U SaGa: So far, Kurt

The black dudein RS3. He kicked ass, a true redguard if there ever was one.

Yeah, that was Harid.

I thought you’d say Sharl for RS3 Kag. Oh, no reason why I’d think that :stuck_out_tongue:

Strange as it may seem, I’ve never used Sharl past Muse’s Dream =P. I liked the way he looked, plus Spoony already was using Mikhail’s sprite so… =P


FFL1 - Human
FFL2 - Human
FFL3 - Kinda uh, impossible to answer, ain’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:
RS1 - I don’t know his name! I forgot again. I think it was Albert.
RS2 - Never played
RS3 - I like Julian :smiley:
SF1 - Emilia
SF2 - Wil :D:D:D
U SaGa - Haven’t played, it’s gonna be Laura first, or Mythe.

I’ve only played RS3 out of the entire Saga series (I think I played FF adventure on GB too, but I’m not sure :P).
My favorite character in that is Harid. He’s the coolest of the main characters IMO.

SaGa Frontier - Rouge
SaGa Frontier 2 - Gustaf

I haven’t played TOO much SaGa, I’ve just played some early Romancing SaGa and SaGa Frontier. With SaGa Frontier I would have to say the most used charactor is Asselus. I have absolutely NO idea who the RS games would have though. But Asselus kicks ass! :enguard:

SaGa - Female Human/Male Mutant/Female Mutant/Monster is my usual party
SaGa 2 - Male Human/Female Mutant/Robot/Monster is my usual party
SaGa 3 - Human/Beast/Mutant/Robot

Romancing SaGa - Never played much. When I can finally play it, I’m interested in the Pirate guy and the Dancer girl.
Romancing SaGa 2 - I know even less about this than RS, except that I hear it’s the best of the SaGas.
Romancing SaGa 3 - My favorites are Katerina, Muse, Undine, Boston, Nora, True Robin, Black, Fullbright

SaGa Frontier - My favorites are Asellus, Emelia, Rouge, Annie, Red, Blue, Cotton, Rabbit
SaGa Frontier 2 - Primiera, the red haired battle goddess! Gustaf and Roberto are cool too. I also like Johan, Cielmer and Ventarbre but you don’t get much playtime with them.

Unlimited SaGa - haven’t played it yet. I have the money now to buy a PS2 and this game, but I don’t want to splurge that much until I have a bigger financial cushion.

Despite her low LP I’m really liking Michelle of Unlimited SaGa. In fact I was sort of upset how long I’d have to wait to get her. Irony is it may be her low LP that partially makes me want to use her. After all if I can beat Laura’s quest with a six LP person in my group then I should feel more confident.


WEll, you probly already know, but it’s not Michelle that’s gonna stop you from winning that last fight…goddamn Chaos.

In Romancing Saga 3, I seem to pick up the Poet a lot. Main character? Haven’t really decided, I like several of them.

For Saga Frontier I usually pick up Rouge and Gen a lot. And I like to use Blue and Assellus as main characters…Blue is just cool, and Assellus’s story and overal feel of the game is great.

In Saga Frontier II, Gustave is an awesome character. His imposter(?) is pretty damn cool as well.

SaGa 1- Human
SaGa 2- Human
SaGa 3- Too hard to say.
Romancing SaGa 3- Katrina, Harid, Wood, Sharl, Robin, Ellen are all good.

saga 1= male human
saga 2= robot
saga 3= didn’t play much
Rsaga3= Katrina, poet, Boston, Sharl, Nora, Black

haven’t played the rest.