most annoying part of a FF game

i played ffx for ages (my file is 200 odd hours long!) and my most hated part has to be getting the sigils.200 strikes in a row!!! has anyone got anymore annoying quests to talk about??

Most recent games have some incredibly annoying things to do. Kingdom Hearts 2 and its “collect hundreds of synthesis items, then get awesome scores on fifteen mini-games”. FFX-2’s Via Infinito. Wild ARMs: ACF’s pretty much anything post-game.

You didn’t enjoy WA: ACF’s post game? I thought that was the best part. Sure the Abyss was stupid, but the golems, puzzle boxes, arena, extra characters and dungeons were all really fun.

Anything that has to do with WA. But FF wise, not realizing enemies gain levels with you in FF8. I rented it so sue me.

Sorry for double posting:bowser: but I ment to say WA4.

There’s an edit button, you know. Anyway.

Alter Code: F was super fun. WA4 was the worst game ever. Evereverever. I am prepared to write an essay explaining exactly why WA4 was the worst of two games I have ever regretted playing. The biggest reason being the ending itself.

That having been said, I dunno fi I’d call any part of a game really annoying. I’m way too easy to please.

Resident Evil 4. some of the American releases had a bug in them that would screw up your remotes. I bought that version, and I had to get 3 more copies of it and 4 remotes for me to play the game. After that, it was good.

Also the FFX thing (I DID XD) where you have to do rediculous things to get all of the ultimate weapons.

FF8. Although the juction system allows for great customization, It pisses me off that Selphie, and Rinoa STILL get ~ 4 magic per draw on a LOW LEVEL MONSTER!!!

Resident Evil 4 is bloody awesome. Now shut up. :frowning:

I’m annoyed by FFX-2’s 100% thingy.

OK, WA:ACF wasn’t awful, but I was extremely bloody sick of the game when I was done. I wasted way too much time on that postgame stuff. -_-

Drawing success has nothing to do with level, and there’s no such thing as low level monsters in FFVIII to begin with. Their drawing sucked either because their magic stat was rock bottom or they were trying to draw powerful spells. Probably the former, since crappy players have a tendency to ignore the stats that can make them awesomely powerful (Vit, Spr, Mag, Spd) and funnel everything into strength. Tsk tsk.

FF8’s Collect all the card quest was annoying because A) some rare cards you only have one opportunity for. B) You don’t just get them, you have to play for them, and if your forte is beating up bite bugs and not thinking up numbers, you’re screwed C) If you lose, you lose a card, or a whole bunch of cards, and you’ve probably used your best ones if you were smart D) all the rules that you have no power to manipulate and can easily screw yourself.
And second place goes to FFX’s ultimate weapons, but not the 200 lightning strikes (I actually got that first time, not without a lot of preparation), but Tidus’ chocobo race. I spent HOURS on that. And those bastard FF10 chocobos should be covered in 11 herbs and spices.

I have never gotten Tidus or Wakka’s Sigils, and I’ve only gotten Lulu’s and Kimahri’s once. The rest aren’t so bad.

resi 4 is great and the FFX-2 100% count is really stupid i am stuck on 98% with the via infinito and something else left to beat which i hate.:enguard:

You can easily get 100% in FFX-2 by having a second playthrough where you give the Awesome Sphere to the opposite party you gave it to in the first playthrough. Getting 100% on the first playthrough is nigh-on impossible.

i know i have already played it through twice:moogle:

I never said what stats I put the magic into! Plus! I happened to get a buggy version that does not respond to my remote! jeez man WTF are you pissing me off for?

Dont insult my gaming abilities or I will rape every living thing in your household. Even the termites.

dunno if that was at me or not but ill say it anyway: sorry mate i wasnt havin a go at you or anything

p.s i dont have termites:hahaha;

dunno if that was at me or not but ill say it anyway: sorry mate i wasnt havin a go at you or your gaming but i really hate buggy games

p.s i dont have termites:hahaha;

sorry for writin the message twice

[li]Triple Triad. As was said, the absolute obscure methods of getting some of the cards. Never finished that.

[li]Rope Jumping. GAH! I got to 203 jumps after trying for hours and gave up.
[/li][li]Tetra Master. The “Random Factor” can kiss my ass. Yes, I got all of them.

[li]Lighting Dodging. I finished it, but I did it more our of spite towards the programmers than anything else. Goddamnit.
[/li][li]Cactuar Hide-and-Seek. Easy, but did they HAVE to make it so long?
[/li][li]Blitzball I bought an RPG. Why the hell am I playing a sports game?

i didnt mind blitzball in FFX but i hated it in FFX-2 they tried to make it better but totally mucked it up none of the mini-games were good
And dont get me started on the rope-skipping in FFIX