Moskau en ingles?

As many of you may or may not no, Dschingis Khan’s Moskau has recently become quite the fad around YTMND. Out of curiosity, I searched for “Moskau” and came up with (among other things) this page:

Interesting, ne? Does anyone know if the song was officialy recorded in english anywhere, or if this is just something the guy cobbled together? I ran a search for Limewire and only came up with the original version.

Haha. I had no idea what it was, but shit that’s funny

<a href=“”>Wikipage :O</a>

I hadn’t seen this until last week, i fail at the internet. =(

One of the funniest vids i have seen. :stuck_out_tongue:

throw your glasses at the wall…what the heck? I like the song though, especially the dancing…i laugh at them all evil laugh

GG Crono --> Maybe comrade Warsaw Pact, aka Kamikaze Pilot knows about that.
He posted this beauty a while back.
What is YTMND?

Different Moskau, Steve.

Basicaly, a website where people make pages like that one right there. If you ask me, about 90% of them are total crap.

You the man now, dawg!

Cool. Thanks man. It’s on my favorites list now, for the other 10%.

If you check the comments for that one, you can see that the guy actually programed that, and download an EXE for it. Pretty impressive, if you ask me.

Could we please get back to the topic at hand?

Ah yes, YTMDN, taking the newest internet joke and running it so far into the ground it emerges in China.

While not Moskau related, I must say that this is the greatest YTMND ever.

i love it, its funny…Ya, i agree thats the best so far. Man thats good.

Ain’t THAT the truth…

In any case, I found what I was looking for (and quite by accident, to tell the truth). I found an MP3 labeled “Genghis Khan - Moscow”, which is what the group and song name literaly translate to from German. They did record the song in english, looks like.

Good God I remember that. I would’ve killed myself in embarassment if that had been me doing that spiel.

Well, my friend has made a couple… I don’t tend to use YTMND much myself… but:

Sorry if just pissing y’all off!


I have it.

Moskau, Moskau
(something I dunno here)
stellt die russen an die wand,
ratatatata- HEY!

This song is really, really old. For my age, anyway. 60ies <_<
I only know the german version, recorded by a band called Dschingis Khan (german spelling), not sure if it’s the same or any older, whatever (have to wait til the download finished =p). This is the original text of the song of the chorus, anyway. Dschingis Khan changed it later on, because it was too brutal, or explicit, or whatever.



Those would be the German lyrics by Dschingis Khan (search a translation yourself, or I’ll do it for you =p)
I know of it as a German folk song, content mostly being russians being shot (Originally, it’s not “throw the glasses at the wall, hahahahaha” but “throw the <i>russians</i> at the wall* ratatatata”… y’know, implieing the sound of machine guns). Dschingis Khan covered it because of the nice melody and changed the lyrics.