I lost a silver earcuff at a Godsmack concert…does that count? >.>

I got bruised ribs when I was at the front of the pit in a Primal Scream concert. Fucking. Awesome.



YESYESYES. it’s fuuuun. :smiley: … though I really have to watch out because I’m small, skinny, and very light. So I could get crushed pretty easily. <.< So far, I’ve had more luck than anything else. xD

I was in a mosh pit at a Metallica concert (Reload Tour, 1998) which was rather violent. One very angry and drunk fellow attacked me for reasons which I do not understand. I eventually lost him, but backed out of a fight. I did not enjoy this one very much.

I prefer softer and groovier mosh pits than violent ones.

I have scars on my left arm from a local show, and i’ve had quite a lot of nosebleeds from them too.

It’s funny, because I only mosh for 2 bands, and they’re the only metal ones around :smiley:
The rest of the bands get that crappy hardcore dancing.

Does Primus count?


Well then count me in.

However a true Primus fan knows that, in fact, Primus sucks. I mean it’s the name of their webpage afterall.

I went to a Buzzcocks concert and ended up with someone else’s blood on my shirt. Ummm, the rest of teh concerts I’ve been to are like that. I went to a straight edge pit. I feared for my life.

You shoulda opened a can of whoopass, Perc.

I’ve moshed at a lot of concerts. Hell, I’ve moshed at regular old rock concerts, not metal concerts. For example, I had to take off my shirt at a Switchfoot (yes, the christian band) because it was so bloody. None of it was mine, so it was kinda nasty.

When I saw Slipknot, Fear Factory and Chimaira on some Jagermeister tour a few years ago some guy, who looked to be almost 7 feet tall and had on that Braveheart face paint, picked up some kid in a mosh pit and dropped him on his neck. I’ve lost cell phones, wallets, watches, shoes, shirts - all sorts of shit in mosh pits.

But honestly, mosh pits ok. Crowd surfing is where the real funs at.

I used to mosh when I was on the hardcore punk scene. Now people are all about slam dancing. They kick the invisible man’s ass.

I like Circle Mosh pits; that search and destroy crap, especially the stuff you see at local gigs, are just bullshit. Moshing is dangerous and violent, but there’s an etiquitte to it; a lot of people don’t know or don’t care. Fuck that shit.

That being said, I’ve been in a lot of mosh pits in my day.


Yeah. hardcore dancing is about the dumbest thing i’ve ever seen.
Moshing at the local shows is awesome because I know almost everyone in there, and just being able to slam into their asses and not get jacked in the face… ahh, just feels great.

Hardcore dancing? Slam-dancing? What is that

Steve: Do you have a mouth-ring? Or are you just sucking on something

okay, three things Ramza:

  1. Yes it is a lip ring

  2. Hardcore dancing: <img src=“”>

  3. Slam dancing:

Aside: Slam dancing and hardcore dancing seem to be the same. You basically flail around, kicking some imaginary guy’s ass.