Mortal Kombat!

The old school game has been resurrected again for a new movie. This time there’s no more portals and other realm bullshit to take for granted. All the characters are now crazed maniacs or insane killers. It looks like Mortal Kombat mixed with DoA mixed with a bit of the new Batman and Seven of Nine is Sonya Blade.

I think they’re grasping at a lot of straws but it could be a good action flick if that’s all you want.

I’d really like to say that a movie that starts with Johnny Cage’s irritating ass getting murdered is guaranteed to be good, but then I remembered that Annihilation started like that too.

This… is weird. The whole idea of a “realistic” Mortal Kombat stinks very heard of Hollywood’s “GRITTY REBOOTS PRINT MONEY!” bandwagon mentality. And where the hell is Liu Kang? Te lack of Techno Syndrome 7 is also saddening.

Buuuuut, who knows. It could end up being good. The trailer just doesn’t do anything for me.

I agree with you about the gritty reboot. It’s like every movie has to mirror life and life is hard and sucks dammit!

I think Liu Kang would be another undercover agent in case Scorpion fails or goes rogue. Then some weird team up shit happens.

That was an awful trailer. Even the fighting looked boring.

Plus I doubt that they’ll have another mud wrestling scene between Sonya and Kitana.

Final Verdict: Not watching unless I stumble on it on a basic cable channel, and I have absolutely nothing better to do.

I can’t wait for a slew of “Barak (Obama)” memes to pop out of this.

Not if you have four arms, weigh 700 pounds of muscle and look down on people from 10 feet. Or whatever Kintaro was supposed to look like.

God this looks stupid. What’s the point?

There’s a rumor going around that it’s actually a trailer for an upcoming game.

Is this likely? Probably not. But who knows?

An interview with Jeri Ryan (Sonia Blade) has her stating this was a pilot so WB would consider making a full movie out of it. I found it pretty well done, on the scale of video game movies.

This is my reaction to so many things so many people here like. Like new MGS and GTA games. And Avatar.

All things you never tried!

Yeah, in your little fantasy world where hating them is proof that someone didn’t try them :stuck_out_tongue:

Well did you?

I didn’t watch Avatar but I’ve played GTA4 and recent MGSes and the hype is lost on me :stuck_out_tongue:

How far did you get in GTAIV?

I played my buddy’s save, he had all the best stuff and I went around sandboxing with it. I can’t imagine anything else in GTA4 being funner.

Mystery solved:


That is probably why you did not like it, its like when you use cheats in a game and it stops being fun.

That was horrible. I want the seven minutes of my life I wasted watching that back. :frowning: