Is there an ending to this game because there seems to be no central plot.

I stab you. In the Face. Many Times.

There is a central plot. Good luck finding it, though.

You can find the central plot if you just follow the directions you’re given at the very beginning of the game. :stuck_out_tongue:

The game sets you out ON the central plot when the guy gives you the package to Caius Cosades (during the tutorial)

To follow the central plot, bring the package to Caius Cosades on the northeast party of Balmora. He’ll give you a bunch of quests, and those are all part of the main plot. Then it’ll lead to other quests blah blah blah

“You have killed a vital plot character!”


Heh. That happened to me.

but the guy he sends you to sends you into those damned Dwemer ruins which are only fit for level 20 or above.

Then level, biatch!

Ignore! Ignore!

What business have you, outlander!?

Me takum your land.

plot starts to late.

and killing a vital plot charactor such as that guy in the vivec underworks,dos not prevent you from beating the game.

I read something about a second plot on

you have to kill vivec to beat it this way though.

with the plot and the normal game its not really to impressive.
but the independent addons can add alot more into the game

I have heard of Final Fantasy’s remade as Morrowind mods.