Well, after an experiance that was an epic quest in itself, I finally managed to buy Morrowind!

After some twiddling with my graphics card options to get the framerate up to something acceptable whilst still having the view distance all the way up, I have been meandering about for a couple days now.

This game is fun as hell - it’s so open ended! I made my own class, decided I didn’t like the storyline and went off on my own, and - there’s nothing wrong with that. Right now I’m trying to figure out how to get into the Deadric temple since it’s hard to find new conjuration spells elsewhere, but they’re all covert and stuff so it’s hard to find someone who will let me join.

But anyway - I just wanted to rave, since it’s 4:00 AM and way past my bedtime (I finally put the laptop away a while ago). And yes - I’m still working on DD2 as well :stuck_out_tongue: (I put in about 3 hours today on it)

Yay Morrowind.

The best way to get conjuration spells is to warp through the mage guilds and buy them. The island in the southeast that belongs to the Mage House has tons of good spells, too.

Yeah, Morrowind is excellent. It’s one of the most free games I’ve ever played and I haven’t got bored with it at all after three months. I just love the way that you don’t have to follow the storyline either, you can just go around killing people and stealing their stuff or setting your acro and ath to 50000 and then jumping miles forward ^^.

My only two problems with this game are the amount of high-end reqs it takes and the way that some quests can get very tedious after a while.

That quest with the Dumner woman with a dagger really pissed me off. I actually spent three days going around the Hlaalu compound. Then I give up and talk to someone in the foreign quarter and find out she’s really there >_<.

Morrowind is a great game, I have an Marksmen/ thief. When I get a new video card and some more RAM I’ll buy the game and its expansions for the comp, I’ve been playing it on XBOX.

Morrowind is an incredible game. I’ve had it for 8 months and i’m still doing new stuff in the game.

I played it for a little while but I lost interest really fast, the problem with really open ended games is that its sometimes hard to actually follow the story. I did a few quests in the second town, then went to the one in the desert to do a few more, but after a while I just couldn’t figure out what to do next so I walked out of town to go wack a few criters and almost got my ass handed to me…

Honestly replay value isn’t worth much if you don’t finish the game at least once.

(PS Shouldn’t this be in the PC forum?)

Ah! Great game…Also, get the adventurers mods…adds a few things you will prolly enjoy…(Mainly the increased walking/running speed)

Ever so lovable, and free this game is…My Argonian ‘Shadow hunter’ is doign well, Taking items from random people, dressed like a gimp. I hope for him to make level 5 soon. :slight_smile:

You need to get the MogMod made by Ian McConville of MacHall. It enables you to run around as a moogle.

And no, I haven’t tried it. I don’t even own Morrowing, I’ve just read Mr. McConville’s log of the moogle adventures. Located here.