More woes and stuff

Okay, so. My laptop has been acting strange recently. See, it’s apparently forgotten that my battery works. Or, it seems to think it’s at 0% full.

I went into the “setup” mode (pressing F2 before it started loading windows), and when I went over to the “batteries” page – get this – it registered it as 100%, but then tried to recharge it.

Whatever the problem is, it seems to have spilled into other drivers as well. I got a BSOD a couple times when I tried to run Half-Life with the battery removed (now it gets a BSOD wheN I try to play Half-Life no matter what).

How old is the battery?

Presumably as old as the laptop, which I got almost exactly a year ago.

Sounds like a dead battery. Got a warrenty if its a year old?

Hmm. I’ll look through all my laptop shit for clues. If not, I’ll just by a replacement, I guess.