More propaganda, kids...


…the commercial is funny, though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Heh, I found this last night. It was linked to The Onion webpage for some reason.

I think a kid can learn a lot from playing rumble roses in my opinion

Hmm … I wonder why they have that “best for ages 14+” tag if the game specifically says it’s for 13+, or 17+, or any of that stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s wrong with parents telling their kids not to play violent video games?

When I have kids, I doubt I’ll let them play super-violent games. Not that I think if a kid plays Doom, they’ll go on a killing spree or anything…

But I agree, that commercial is funny. =D

Ah, parents. The only thing in the world that can fuck up a kid better than I can.

Unlike most websites like these, this one I can agree on to a degree. It’s meant to protect children from M-rated shit which they shouldn’t play in the first place, not to BANZOR videogames completely from the universe or keep everyone on rated E stuff (and even then, there’s good Rated E stuff)

Hookers are really hard to kill. So I grabbed a machete and cut her head off.

Apparently hookers are zombies with 9999999999 HP. So, you need to execute a Limit Break.

What’s so bad about this, honestly? They aren’t looking to ban anything, they’re just cautioning parents against buying certain video games for people of certain ages. I think it’s a tad REDUNDANT since we do have the ESRB to label these games for us, but what are you gonna do? shrugs

I’d let my kids play M rated games if they were mature enough people, but how other parents raise their children is their own business.

To put is simply, since adults are lame.

The scorecards were kind of funny. I like how <i>The Guy Game</i> got stop signs on violence. I haven’t heard of any such thing.

As for the commercial, it wouldn’t really qualify as propaganda. The commercial basically pokes parents with a stick and says “shouldn’t you get off your cheeto-stained ass and <i>be a fucking parent!?</i>.” It doesn’t advocate banning of violent and/or sexual entertainment, and upon cursory surfing, neither does mediawise (tell me if I’ve missed something).

Not that the commercial isn’t, incidentally, hilarious. I kind of like the black-humor aspect of a kid talking about beheading hookers and setting cops on fire with the same kind of enthusiasm he might display on the subject of Pokémon (mayallresponsibleforit’shideousnessdiehorribly).

I love propaganda. It’s so entertaining.

Meh. I blame the news.

I don’t think they need to worry about the guy game. It got pulled from the market.

Huh, when did that happen? I saw it used at gamestop about a week ago.

I even looked in the manual and saw a girl that I have a porn of, it was funny!

I can agree with alot of these, but i disagree with Half Life 2 and OutBreak. I really havn’t played OutBreak too much, just a couple of times at my friend’s house, but it was pretty tame =. It was more boring than sensational or scary. And Half Life 2 isn’t really that gorey. I think most kids would be able to handle it. If they are able to see a scary alien movie, then they can take HL2. Plus, its a very immersive experience, i bet they’d enjoy it.

I’m gonna kill someone.

… Indeed.

Joe Lieberman strikes again!

I find these websites funny, yes, parents should be protecting their children from harmful material, but the thing is that children are their own people, thye are gonan end up screwed up no matter what. A rating & warning system may help, but it’s not always the case.

Hey parents, maybe if you’d taken the time to really find out what your children were doing and be a REAL parent they wouldn’t be going to prison for murder! :smiley: