More OS X installation woes

I can’t install the CD-RW/DVD drive or the printer I bought for my sister’s Mac OS X computer.
I’m taking it iTunes won’t recognize the CD-RW (Iomega CD-RW/DVD 48x24x16 USB) because the original version (still) installed 10.2.1 is alot older than the drive, thus the drive isn’t on the “approved devices” list on the computer?
I’ve tried installing the most recent Mac version of Windows Media Player, but I guess Burn to CD is a Windows-only feature, or else I can’t find it.
(So, I’d want to do “Export Favorites” in iTunes, then open something in Media Player? Or any other free programs I should consider?)
(I’m guessing Software Update badly needs to be run?)
Googling seems to suggest upgrading, or hex editing some driver file. Good idea?

As for the printer (Canon ip1500 PIXMA), I try to run the installation program off the CD. The Mac OS X “Installer” program (appears to be a utility program shipped with the system) opens, and then nothing else happens.
Print Center just crashes when I try to Add Printer.