More Kingdom Hearts 2 news!

…yeah, apparently, i’m the only one ehre who isn’t excited about Tron. How nice.

Im looking forward to this game. I reall y want it.

I don’t even know who the hell Tron is. >_>

Lol, I was at a gas station, and this guy was like “Yo, I got the new Final Fantasy movie!”. This perked my interest, and I said, really, you have it with you right now?

He said : “No, I’m making a copy at my house. It’s not supposed to be out til 2009!”

I chuckled and drove off.

Looks like Cid may have gotten a voice actor this time, too. Also, what’s that ‘Children of Mana’, right above the KH2 part?

Wikipedia is your friend. Trust Wikipedia! Are you a commie mutant traitor?

Long story short on why I’m not as excited as everyone else: I think too much about Kingdom hearts and the meaning of the game.

Look, Kingdom Hearts isn’t a normal RPG. Kingdom Hearts was a universe of fantasy, myth, and fairy tales. That last one most of all - it was a fairy tale. That was the mixture of deep, universal conflicts and aspects of humanity with a surface of innocence and whimsy that it had, and it was vital. So, let us take Sora, and then PUT HIM IN A COMPUTER. YES. THAT IS THE TICKET.

You’re putting thematically inappropriately story into one like Kingdom Hearts 2. Science Fiction - real Science Fiction, I might add, no sense of magic in Tron - and Fairy Tales do not mix.

Hell, as near as I can tell, Disney’s most likely doing this just to boost advertising for the upcoming Tron Sequel they’re making. …Tron. The Sequel. …Okay, I want everyone here to be completely honest: did you like the first movie? Hell, has everyone here even SEEN the first movie? I haven’t. ya know why? because it was supposed to be a sub-par movie that only lasted this long due to an abnormally loyal cult following. But anyway.

Some of you may be wondering, “Why the hell are you so worked up? At least wait for the game to come out before saying the world will be crap.” I’m not saying that the world of Tron won’t be fun to play. It’ll just be inappropriate. Like… Okay, let’s say you have someone who likes Werewolves. You know, researching the history of them, seeing them used in movies and shows a lot. Okay, cool, I prespect that. But does that mean that it belongs in everything you like, too? Hell no. What if you like Science fiction? Would a werewolf be thematically appropriate to Tron? Didn’t think so.

Ugh… I don’t want to sound like an asshole, but seriously, guys, could you give a LITTLE more consideration to how the fuck they could incorperate this world into Kingdom hearts 2?

Thou makest a point. Still, I don’t actually take KH seriously to begin with, since at the end it’s just a franchise farm (or possibly harvest?), so I don’t really think about it along those lines.

I really NEED this game. It will fullfil the empty void of games…

Whenever it comes out…

Oh well. Soul Calibur III and Black before the big release.

I’m really looking forward for this game too. But I doubt it’d be out until the 3rd quarter of 2006… so in the meantime, I’ll have myself occupied with Romancing Saga, Fatal Frame 3, Suikoden Tactics, Dragon Quest 7 and Soul Calibur 3.

The best part of this game is going to be more FF characters.

I don’t like Tron.

…I need to ask you one question: Do you think Kingdom hearts would be a lot better if they dropped msot of the Disney characters? if your answer is yes, then I hate you, and hope you die of cancer.

Smiley Face.

Unfortunately, Auron is the only addition to the FF line-up in KH2.

But didn’t Gabe hate Kingdom Hearts?

Actaully theres a rumor going around that Siefer, Fujin, and Rajin will be in it to.

Kingdom Hearts is a fun game, but I’m not one to play it. Disney = bad.

Whereas I take the opposite stance: to hell with franchise as long as the game is actually, y’know, fun. Admittedly, I didn’t find the first KH as fun as it could’ve been, but …

I highly disagree. Fun factor means nothing in a video-game. Graphics, music, and expectations build a game. I played Kingdom Hearts to the point where you meet the first Disney characters. Then I thought, what the fuck? I played on, and noticed THEY ARE MAKING A BAD NAME OF FINAL FANTASY PEOPLE. Squall renamed?! Sephiroth?!

I wish Squeenix hadn’t even made Kingdom Hearts. It’s a suckass game, imo.

So … you’ll say “I am NOT having fun as I play this game! The actual gameplay is boring and repetitive! But it has graphics and music and expectations (whatever that is) so I recommend it”? Is that what you’re saying?

If the game looks like shit, or if the music doesn’t drag me in; it’s brought back regardless of it’s name, genre, or fun/story.