More Kingdom Hearts 2 news!

I know I am making a lot of VG threads recently but SO MUCH GREAT STUFF IS HAPPENING.

Motherfucking TRON in Kingdom Hearts 2 means I will be buying this game. Oh yes.

Tron! Sweet. Now hopefully they can get David Warner to reprise his role as the villain. :smiley:

Tron? Psh, Steamboat Willie! :smiley: (To a lesser extend really, seeing Auron joins you, according so some screenie. And the Pirates of the Caribbean one knocked my socks a bit around too.)

Is Stitch in the game? I want my STITCH!!


That’s awesome, I might play the game just for that.

YAY t3h tronz is in! coolness :slight_smile:

I keep forgetting that Tron was a Disney movie…

Whereever I’m living I’ll be hanging around the gamestore in the Days up to the release… (I’m am planning to go to Uni by the “Guessed” UK date, I haven’t decided what I’m doing or where yet.)

I know a game storenear me use to do a hour before Close on the day before to put new release out. I got SO3 and FF1+2 about 15 hours before it was offcally sold in stores.

Yeah, Disney owns lots of cool properties, many that haven’t been seen in years. Like Gargoyles- man, that in a Square Game would rule!! (To say nothing of the Pixar Stuff Like Toy Story or Incredibles- but they probably won’t use those to avoid problems with the Pixar Studio.)

Oh, how sweet in the old-school way… and the graphics for the Steamboat Willie level are awesome, ha ha. :smiley:

Do they all change costumes like that for all the levels?

About Half of the already known Levels, They do change their appearrance. Little Mermaid, Halloween are kept form the first one, Lion King, Steamboat Willie and Tron are levels with new differnt looks…

There is evedence of a Cobmine mode where Sora cobines with Goofy or Donald… Sora outfit changes as a result.

There is a unnamed Blonde Haired Kid, (Nicknamed BHK by the preveiw sites) he appears to have a a keyblade and you do play as him for some time, the only known place so far is on a level like the first area on KH1.

Does Yuffee look like that in FF7:AC? Cloud Looks like his AC counter part as well as Squall looks like is FF8 counterpart…

Umm, am I the only person who sees something vaguely wrong with putting a Computer-based political statement like Tron in with the otherwise Fairy-Tale setting of Kingdom hearts?

Fuckin awesome. All the more reason to get this :D~~~

I am so going to do some serious renting soon…

I’m so getting this.

Dude. Sweet. IT MUST BE MINE!

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I lol’d.

It only now occurred to me, but I wonder how much TRON 2.0 stuff it’ll have …

Also, does anyone else think that digitized-Sora looks kinda like MegaMan.EXE?

That image reminds me of this kid that was at a lan party yesterday, who was “very enthused” about FF7:AC because it happened two years after the game, therefore Yuffie was of legal age. God damn pedophiles.

Just thought I’d share that, it really doesn’t pertain to anything.