More important than any of Basara's polls...



With green eggs and ham. :stuck_out_tongue:


I was tempted to make it rhyme like Dr. Seuss but I’m not that good.

I don’t see an “on my lap” option :frowning:

Isn’t the classic TOB saying supposed to be ‘in a bag’?

Bag of Holding (Naked Lesbian Twins)


No Cro, because then they’re bisexual. :frowning:

And this is a break from tradition.

I thought it was “in my pants.”

Anyway, does it matter fool!

Soembody deleted my post

I think in the bath tub would be nice

I missed this inside joke, but it sure does come up a lot.

I, too, was searching for the “In a bag” option. Oh well, times are changing, and newer people don’t get the joke because they don’t know, they weren’t there.

I hope they’re faternal twins. Identical twins would be too much like banging the same girl twice. You got to have some variety to it.

You didn’t miss much, it was one of those rare beasts in that it got old before anyone actually told it for the first time.

And how can anyone have sex on a webcam? It’s only, like, six square inches at best!

With that sexy beast, 984. What a sexy, sexy man.

Agreed. I know if I had sex, and he was around, I would do it atop the 984, were he involved or not.

Somebody cheated…

Somebody’s just a SORE LOSER.

Note to self: Create poll and cheat making it look like people want to have sex with or around myself, making all others feel like losers.