More FFVII projects

  • In the latest issue of V-Jump magazine, Square Enix revealed that besides Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children (video) and Final Fantasy VII: Before Crisis (mobile phone), there is another massive project surrounding the Final Fantasy VII, which will be revealed soon; and one of the character in the project seems to be Vincent from FFVII, a shadow resembles Vincent was painted on the magazine.

From Check July 20,2004

See, the problem I can see already is that now, they’re starting to milk FF7 for all it’s worth. Sure most of the fans wanted more but it already looks like they’re going to turn FF7 into a whole other franchise with it’s own series if this carries on.

Now don’t get me wrong, FF7 is a good game, but bringing all this new shit in as well as the movie is only going to degrade it. FF7 was unique, and they aren’t going to make another game as good as it by taking parts of it’s storyline or characters away and building stuff around them.

I hafta agree with Urk on this one. Sure, a movie would be fine, and a game about the Turks would be cool as long as they don’t go all serious, but a franchise is really not what we need.

It does seem like they are whoring out the FF7 characters and plot-line. I would’ve been happy with just advent children.

I dunno, Vincent was a highly under-used character with vast amounts of potential. They should’ve swapped his place in the character hierarchy with Cid.

I feel as if FF7 has a lot more to tell and I for one am glad for all of this whoring out.

Cid belonged where he did in FF7, Vincent was an optional character who, in my opinion, was boring. He was just a vampire looking rehash of Cloud. And as if Advent Children wasn’t enough…now we’re gonna have to put up with a resurgance of FF7 fanboys. Guh.

This could potentially be very good, provided they do it originally and not just spread FFVII so thin everyone forgets what made it so special in the first place… I’m excited about AC (god knows I should be, I’ve started enough threads on the FFC boards), but as for the other games… the proof of the pudding will most definitely be the eating.

I totally agree.

All this sudden burst of FF7, I think, will completly cheapen a game that has thus far, despite all the attention, had escaped such a rap.

you totally didn’t go to the waterfall cave.

Cash cows, do they get mad cow disease?

Vincent’s like Auron, except without the [STRIKE]blatant[/STRIKE] vague resemblance to Vash the Stampede.

Devillion, it seems like they’re just whoring out FFVII in general. I’d have been content with just a re-release of FFVII, or maybe even advent children, but seriously.