More entertaining than it should be.


That was…weird.

… o.O

uh…huh…sure >.> goes back to wc3

I don’t get it. =(

I’m waiting for it to be funny.


Not the funniest Bush & Blair thing out there… only worth it for Kermit’s cameo at the end :wink:

That was freaky. And immensly boring.

Fuck you guys, The Muppet Show kicks ass.


Kermit is the man. If it weren’t for him (and the two grumpy guys in the very end of the song thing) this would jsut be boring and dumb. But Kermit is the man, he saved the day.

There are more productive ways to spend my time, but at least it was slightly funny.

I think the original Muppet one is better though. Since the muppet show is cooler then those three idiots on there.