More DS crap

I seriously want a DS Lite now that I know it’s available in black. I guess the Europeans lucked out for once getting that one in stores. :wink: Then, I was flipping through EGM in the grocery store line and saw previews for new Zelda and Castlevania games for the DS - ARGH.

I feel slightly dirty having these feelings of lust inspired by electronic media. :expressionless:

I’d suggest against getting the black one. Yes, it looks sexy as hell, but I touched it ONCE and it had thumbprints all over it already, significantly reducing it’s sex-appeal.

There’s also a Noble Pink DS scheduled for release in Japan on July 20.

And god, there’s way too many kickass DS games coming out in Q4. Including a new Yoshi’s Island. My wallet, she hurts.

… but black goes with my stuff. sniff

Out of my ignorance, I have a question about the voltages - the black DS Lite is listed as 220V, but the white one is 110V. Is this some difference due to regional things? Would someone have to get a special adapter somehow? I’ve heard that in Europe electrical plugs are different, but I’ve never been there or talked about it with someone who has. Please don’t laugh.

That just seems like a printing error. All European electric appliances (well, most. I think Britain had to be special again.) run on 220v, I think. You will need a converter in order to use it with American power outlets, unless you like blowing your DS up.

I’ve had to buy several converters for the stuff I got out of America myself. Kinda sucks, those things can be expensive as hell.

Oh, I see. I wonder why the voltages we use are different, though.

So, what’s the deal with a new Yoshi’s Island? It doesn’t have a crying baby Mario, does it?

Much like the PAL/NTSC thing and regional DVD protection, it’s because the entertainment industry hates Europe. At least, that’s what I’m assuming.

Also, Yoshi’s Island 2 will have multiple babies: Baby Mario, Baby Peach and Baby Donkey Kong have been confirmed so far.

This is kind of related… What is the difference between the DS lite and the regular DS?

The lite is smaller and has four screen brightness levels. Also the mic has been moved to the center. other than that nothing.

It has a few more differences, bigger stylus and relocated power switch now to name a few. If you want comparisons more interesting than just a list check out Cabel’s video comparisons Part 1 Part 2 and Part 3 or the one from GameTrailers Quicktime or Windows Media Player Both seem geared toward buying the DS Lite but still give a good review of the changes.

I’m getting a DSLite for my birthday. September can’t come quick enough…anyways I’ll be getting it in the white, I think it looks nice in white. No way would I get it in pink.

Zelda DS. The piper of Hamelin has begun playing…

Zelda DS, Final Fantasy DS, Castlevania DS, Yoshi’s Island DS, they’re just off the top of my head. I think we can safely say their are good games coming out for the DS.

Zelda, FF3J, Castlevania Ruin, Yoshi, Megaman: Symphony of the Night (or Megaman ZX for the rest of you) are but the few that make me salivate right now.

Am I ever glad not to have taken Sony’s candy on the handheld market.

Me too, I had the choice: PSP or DS. I’m so glad I went for the DS and ever since I decided, I haven’t regretted it 8)

Does the PSP still have games coming out for it? O_o

And that page isn’t loading for me Zero. What do you mean by Symphony of the Night?

Ahaha, yeah, ZX is totally SoTN.

I should play Zero 3 and 4 sometime soon.

The only PSP game I can remember that’s up for release is the Valkyrie Profile port. I read a review of the Japanese version, and it was not good.

For the second part… yeah, what’s up with the SotN reference? I kinda haven’t played MM games that weren’t on NES. :wink:

Click on the link and see in details. The short version is that ZX will not be stage divided. You take missions, but you can go anywhere on foot, and the locations are linked by teleporters like in recent Castlevanias.