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Something for almost everyone today: Superman, Wonder Woman, Watchmen, Sin City and more.

Check out the interviews in particular, they’re very interesting.

(Morena Baccarin from FIREFLY as Wonder Woman? Hmm. Looks the part, but can she act? Anyone here seen Firefly?)

Her role in Firefly didn’t require much more on a episode-by-episode basis but that she smirk convincingly. Occasionally she had to actually emote, but being a part of an ensemble cast, the fact that she didn’t stand out particularly probably means that she was doing her job well.

What’s with all the comic movies lately?

It worked once, ergo it’ll work <b><i><a href=“”>TEN-THOUSAND TIMES</a></i></b>

Am I the only person that believes all the superhero moves will tank? Seriously, the most vanilla and bland superheroes ever made, the Fantastic Four, Superman, Wonder Woman and I’m surely going over others, get movies.

Plus, it’s not like the FF movie had a believable Dr. Doom costume.It looks like you let the Adam West era costume designers design the Dr. Doom costume.

Seraph: Two reasons:

  1. Movies based on comic books have been some of the top grossing in recent years (Spider-Man, X-Men, etc.) Others have tanked, true, but let’s face it, stuff like CATWOMAN deserved to tank. Superheroes alone don’t make a good movie. You need a good script and good acting as well.
  2. Comics offer ready-made and tested stories and characters. That saves a lot of $$$ on part of a movie’s production process. No need to pay for a script, develop characters, etc. (Instead, they can take existing ones and revise them in ways they think will make them more appealing to the general public.)

Kraken: None of that has to do with the big-budget comic movies currently being made.

Iga: Here are my opinions:

Sin City: It’ll either dazzle the audience or leave them confused. My money’s on the latter.
Fantastic Four: Honestly, I don’t think it’ll do that well, judging from what I’ve seen so far. But I need to know more before I can decide.
Batman Begins: Looks cool. Might do decently.
Spider-Man 3 : Probably another blockbuster, thought maybe not as big as the last.
X-Men 3: Hit, and possibly the biggest one yet (GO DARK PHOENIX!!!)
Watchmen: I think the public will fail to get it (tragic superheroes?)
Superman Returns: Sounds like they’re REALLY trying this time (hey, it’s being directed by X-Men’s Brian Singer) so I have good hopes for it.
Wonder Woman: Too early to tell, but Whedon is responsible for TOY STORY and BUFFY. I have faith in him.

We shall see how many I “peg” right.

Yeah. At the end of X2, I just knew there was going to be an X3. And the Spider Man seemed sort of built to become a trilogy.

Spiderman 3 or any of those sequels should or better have Venom…otherwise I’ll just be pissed…

Good idea bringing Gambit into X-3 as well.

The official BATMAN RETURNS homepage is now up.

Some of the features don’t work yet (I can’t get the Flash intro to work, but that could be a local problem) but there’s plenty to see: a photo gallery (they still aren’t showing us the Scarecrow’s costume, darnit) interviews, and the movie trailers. So far (with the exception of the (ugh) ‘batmobile’ everything looks S-WEET. This could be THE definitive Batman movie.

Wait… X-3 is coming soon? Cool, about time they got Gambit in.

Yeah … in fact, I think in the scene in X2 where Mystique hacks into the computer to find where Stryker’s making the evil Cerebro, it shows Gambit’s “real” name at one point …

They need to make a Hitman movie.

Yes. The Hitmen games rocked…so that wouldn’t be a bad idea. Yeah I remember that scene to. Remy Lebeau…