More art comparsions- this time- Neutopia 2

I love the box art for Phalanx. I bought that game purely for the box art. It also came with a poster. I’m thinking of having the poster (larger picture of the box art) framed and hung in my bathroom. I think it’d be classy.

i have played and finished the Turbo Grafx and P.C. engine versions of Neutopia 2- the artwork on neither box really gives an accurate feeling of the game- the 2 versions of the game are basically the same in this case but somtimes they are not - in the case of Secret of Mana- i played the Super Famicom version before the Super Nintendo one was released and i noticed a boss character of a guy with a chainsaw but the american version changed that boss to something else- i haven’t played that game in years so it is hard to be more specific- but i do remember that chainsaw boss near the end of the game was changed-- i liked to see that pic of the box of the shooter game- Phalanx- nice to see somebody else remembers that game-

i have that box and poster for Phalanx too- Anyone remember the special bonus t shirt edition of Illusion of Gaia? i have one of those unopened. i remember buying just the regular game in the box of Gaia then i saw some of the ones that included the t shirt being remaindered at a toys r us store for $4.99- i wish i had bought more than one- of course i wish i had bought more than 1 box of Japanese Square FF5 trading cards- i have given most of the cards away over the years but i still see that there are people playing FF5 who would like to have the cards- i did a post at offering to send a couple of the cards to anyone who gave me their name and address who might want them- i got quite a few responses-i bought the Square Album also to put the cards in at the time but i only have a few cards in it.

Yeah, I’ve got the IoG t-shirt. Well, had. Someone stole it from me… >_<

I’ve got some Square JP Triple Triad cards for FF8. My friend and I used to play it all the time. We even have some of the character cards.

Wow, Phalanx came with a poster? That is so awesome! I’ve always wanted a poster of a wrinkly old man playing a banjo.

I read an article about that. Apparently, the Phalanx people wanted something on the game’s box that was different from anything anyone had seen before, so the company who was assigned to design the package took some old guy they had recently used as Santa for the cover of a Christmas song CD.

Just to clarify, SoldierofFortune was the same person as Freddy Pickle, someone we banned a while ago for trolling and such. Guess what happened with his new account. :stuck_out_tongue:

Somehow, I’m not surprised… :stuck_out_tongue:
How did you find out?

They had the same IP Address.

That and the use of my 1337 5K1LL5 when noticing he was behaving just like Fre-What? You mean that doesn’t count? Ah shit.

I know I did. That’s why I’m getting it framed.

Here is the Super Famicom box of Phalanx for comparsion-

When I first saw the image of the cartridge, I misread the title as ‘Phallus’ and not ‘Phalanx’. Sadly, the sight of the shape of the ship failed to correct my misreading. :ah-ha!:

So did I… can’t blame us though I mean, look at it…

I remember buying this game at Die Hard video game store and when i brought it home my husband looked at the box and thought it was something else- not a video game- i had to have fun- i asked him, “What did you think it was?”–he answered, " i better watch out what those guys at that video game store are giving you!" – if you are into porn- here’s a pic of 2 guys shootin’

Man, I wondered about Ironsword for years… that isn’t really Fabio, is it? I suspected, but come on.

whoa lady, ever hear of a period?

i like using a – more- don’t like using periods - they are small and i can’t see them-

Ah but you aren’t supposed to like them. You’re still supposed to use them… it makes it way easier to read your sentences if you have periods in their defining where you have rests. Otherwise, you just keep reading and reading and it gets confusing.

is that why i got bad grades in school because i played video games instead of learning how to spell and use punctuation? the only fun was math class and only because i might learn new ways to use numbers to generate codes on my Pro Action replay for games.i am glad older people play video games now-. when i wore my super sonic or Lufia wristwatch other students laughed and said, "you play video games?, they’re for little kids!and when i used my final fantasy 5 trading cards for markers in my school books those who noticed them asked , "what’s those strange looking Japanese cards?