More arseholery on the iraq issues

Every 90 days the White House sends the congress a report about how things are going on Iraq & Afeghanistan. The link below is the funding table for IRRF (the Iraq Relief and Reconstruction Fund).

The funding table (PDF file)

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think this fund has been in use ever since Dubya said the war was “over”. It’s been more than an year, right? Well, go check the very ending of that table. They allocated 18.4 billion dollars to that fund since then. Yet, up to now, only 366 million dollars have been used up to now. That’s less than 2%.

What happened to the rest of the cash?

Actually, he declared “major combat operations” over in Iraq. The war is still going on. Plus, it is also under the shield of the war on terrorism which will go on until we capture Osama Bin Laden, which will never happen, or a future President calls off the war on terror. Plus, there are other areas that money comes from, not just Congress. It is pretty complicated and hard to understand.

Actually, according to the justification given by Ashcroft for indefinitely detaining American citizens without charging them, putting them on trial, or letting them see lawyers, the war on terror only stops when Bush declares victory.

Makes sense, I don’t doubt it. Which is why we why go to my second poitna bout a new President…even if it is in another 4 years. Considering all the things that they’ve said they can do, it almost seems mild to say that the war will end when Bush says so.

Basically, the money comes by allowing the education and healthcare sectors to retardify. Which is bad. I’d rather buy a book than a missile.

Actually, the cost of a single missle could buy every book for 7 classes for a full school for 100 schools, but that’s not the point.

Unfortunately, the money has probably disappeared into a random pair of wealthy pockets somewhere. with all the private contractors in control of the military over there, some moneys going to be unaccounted for for a while. It may have gone somewhere legitimate, I doubt it. But we’ll probably never know.

Yes, but 18.1 billion dollars out of 18.4? That’s 98.1% of the cash, dude!