More Alter Code F stuff!

I know I’m not technically back and all, but I just had to post here. The Japanese site for the highly-anticipated (by me, especially) Wild Arms remake has updated again. Here’s some news.

There’s also a release date for Japan: November 27th, 2003, but no word of a North American release. Everyone, keep your fingers crossed… 8)

I have never played the Wild Arms series before is it a good one. 3 looks to be very cool, I might buy it.

Cool stuff~ Where do I get the limited edition memory card though when it comes out? I don’t think EB will be selling 'em.

I like most (if not all) fmvs for all the WA games! They got excellent background music and a cool lookin’ anime-style fmv that makes you wanna play the game to the end.

As long as they have the opening one, from the original Wild Arms, and I’ll be happy. That one was impressive.

And Dalton, your not the only one highly anticipating, it’s release. Trust me.

Once again, thanks for the info and the links, Dalton! I’m eagerly awaiting this games too, both the remake AND the sequel. Wild Arms was one of my first, and one of my favorites, Rpgs. Let’s hope THIS time I can download the movies…

Fenril, try importing it. Lik-Sang
Those types of things dont usually come to america.

Ramza, Wild Arms is great. Go buy and play one and two. NOW.

I have played parts of Wild Arms, but not enough to put it in my top 10. I would have to say it is a good game from what I played though.:cool: