More Advent Children news!

I was doing my daily routine of surfning the emuforums, when I noticed a thread that caught my eye. THIS ONE!

It seems that Barret is still alive and kicking, and with a fresh new bionic arm to boot. And Vincent(?) reawakens as well.

I dunno about the rest of you guys, but this really got me goin’.

I’d rather see the pics.

^ Agreed. Rumours are all very well and good, but it’s the actual screenshots that maketh the anticipation. I mean, I could claim that Cid has become a drag act and that half the movie is his remix of “Let’s do the timewarp again”, and there are some people out there who would lap it up. :thud:

And I am well aware that I have just warped several people’s minds there, in fact, I’m quite proud of it :mwahaha:

I’ve seen the pics somewhere…
it’s not that good…
Barret is weird, he looks like Wesley Snipes instead of Mr.T…:suckah:

and since when is Cloud a Japanese guy?? NibelHeim is Japanese now???

Yeah, I don’t like the more “real” looking character models for the characters. I liked it when they had more simple faces and not as human like as say the FFX cast. Though I imagine that one of the reasons that they kept the character models simple back then was because of thies graphics abilities back then. Im blinded when I try to play FF7 nowadays :p.

Yeah, I would have preferred it anime style. Haha, when I first heard “FF7 movie” I thought “OMG! FF7 anime!” . . . but CG isn’t bad either, at least there IS a movie.

oh, and Sorcerer: pics and new trailers can be found here.

I was hoping it would be a game, but we only get a DVD movie.
How disipointing.

I’m not at all discouraged . . . but, due to fanboyism, I would have been happy to see something else related to FF7 in ANY way anyway.

. . .