More about keyboards.

Why are the keys arranged the way they are?

Because when they were aligned A-Z, the people using them typed too fast and broke the typewriter heads. Seriously. :stuck_out_tongue:


aha >.>

I always wondered about that.

My Question is Why thy @ sign is over the 2 and the " over the ’ on yours but not mine and the # over 3 when £ is on mine?

Big Nutter
I had a dream that I was in sweden using Weilia’s laptop and during one of my mad typing sesions Jing asked me why does they keys you press don’t match the screen…

Because different countries need different layouts to fit their needs, Nutter. For example, spanish keyboards have a N with a tidle over it in the place american and british keyboards have the ; key.

Mexicans, Kor. They’re called Mexicans.

Mexicans and spaniards use different keyboard layouts, whore :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a stupid throwback to the old typewriters back when they were made entirely of mechanical parts.

And I bet none of us could use any other kind of keyboard without a lot of work.

Anyone know the european (querty?) set-up for keyboards? My friend from Belgium claimed his keyboard didn’t have Qwerty in order, but something like Querty. ?

belgium uses the french setup ‘azerty’
and some other minor differences

As someone who has used a mechanical typewriter (which is now collecting dust in my old house- hey, it’s an antique! :hahaha; ) I can attest to the fact that they keys DID entangle ocassionally, but not often enough to be a real problem. I much prefer electronic keyboards, of course.

Interesting trivia. Thanks, Steve.

And those crazy Germans use QWERTZ.