Moral Dilemna

Hello, I am Brenden and I am 15 years old. I had sex with my girlfriend today. 3 times. Neither of us has had sex before this so we both lost are virginity today. We have been going out for three months now and we both love each other. Well,I don’t wish to get into the whole love issue with this about age and love so we will skip that part. I am her very first boyfriend and she is my first real relationship, because all the others lasted only a week or two. Today she went against everything she said because she said she wanted to stay a virgin until she was finished high school. We still have two and a quarter years to go. A condom was used all three times because only a foll wouldn’t use a condom unless you want to be one of those 16 year olds on the bus with a stroller and people shaking thier heads at you. It was amazing and yet I couldn’t help but feel horrible because of her vow to stay a virgin for two and a half more years. After all was said and done she decided that this was to be deemed the mistake day to which we just needed to get it out of our systems. She also said that we would not do this again until the end of high school. Now, she has no restraint at all and she told me that I have to make sure that we don’t… So I caught here, I want to because I love her and when I hold her in my arms it feels like there is nothing else in the world((No offense to all those in the world)). But, I also said that I would make sure we would not have sex. What do I do? We both loved it, I am using protection, and we both love each other…So why do I still feel horrible…

Thank you for listening and any feedback would be well appreciated^^
((As long as it isn’t to mean))


Edit: To be a bit more tactful, Thanos, don’t ask us. We’re a bunch of smartasses who will either a. Suggest you go talk to someone who actually knows about this stuff; or b. Make fun of you. Either way, not that helpful.

Well, how does she feel about it? If she doesn’t blame you, and still wants to be with you, then you should just accept that it happened and try to stop feeling bad. Of course, you should also try not to repeat this in the future, that is, if she really wants to abstain for the time being and if you really value her wishes. Look at it this way: even if she wants to refrain from intercourse for a while, there’s still some fun things that you guys can do in the bedroom that don’t involve penetration.

Like jumping on the bed repeatedly.

Have fun. Life is short. If you do shit like this to your relationship then you obviously aren’t ready for a serious one yet, so enjoy this one for the time being.